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  • 4 months Another Round of Imelda Rain Threatens Houston Wednesday Night Houstonpress
    Heavy bands of rain continued to pound areas south of Houston Wednesday morning, some with rates of 4 and 5 inches per hour. Overnight, spots mainly south and east of Harris County got the worst of it, but as that lifts north throughout Wednesday, central Houston's date with Imelda may ... more
  • 4 months NFL QB Crisis: Assessing Playoff Chances Of Teams With Injured Quarterbacks Houstonpress
    The two most important entities in professional team sports are the superstar player in the NBA and quarterbacks in the NFL. They are the most important employees in their respective buildings, and when they're really good, any decision made by a team needs to be made with their best interests ... more
  • 4 months Sudden Tropical Storm Imelda Poses Serious Flooding Threat This Week Houstonpress
    Within the span of just a few hours Tuesday, a tropical disturbance in the western Gulf of Mexico spun up into Tropical Storm Imelda and, just as quickly, moved on shore near Freeport. Fortunately, because the storm was so close to land, it didn't have a chance to intensify into ... more
  • 4 months Four Thoughts on Justin Reid, The Houston Texans’ Unsung Hero Houstonpress
    Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, J.J. Watt. Those are rightfully the first names that come to mind when you ask a Houston Texans fan about the star players on their favorite team. Truth be told, left tackle Laremy Tunsil's name is probably on the cusp of the star circle in which ... more
  • 4 months Heavy Rain, Possible Flash Flooding This Week Houstonpress
    Hurricane season may have passed its statistical peak last week, but the tropics remain a hotbed of activity. And while there are no hurricanes that are threatening the Texas Gulf coast, a tropical disturbance in the Gulf is likely to produce some very heavy rainfall across the region beginning Tuesday ... more
  • 4 months Tour Sleek and Sophisticated Abodes on the MA+DS Modern Home Tour Houstonpress
    What's your personal architectural style? We expect there will be a few more converts to the clean lines of modern architecture after this weekend's Ninth Annual Houston Modern Home Tour. Presented by the Modern Architecture + Design Society, the event attracts those who are thinking about building new, as well as ... more
  • 4 months NFL Week 2: Texans 13, Jaguars 12 — 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    Hey, a win is a win. An NFL game can be an utter atrocity, game management can be an affront to sensible thinking, and execution can be nearly nonexistent at times, and as long as there are more points on the scoreboard for your team at the end, that's all ... more
  • 5 months Astros Get Good News on the Injury Front Houstonpress
    It's been a bit of an up and down last six weeks of the season for the Astros off the field as they continue to do well on it. From Carlos Correa's back to Ryan Pressly's knee to Yuli Gurriel's hamstring, the training room at Minute Maid Park has been ... more
  • 5 months 4 Things to Consider When Getting Rid of Old Computers and Smart Phones Houstonpress
    Technology changes rapidly. As a result, there are new versions of computers, smart phones and other tech products coming out seemingly every week. Apple just announced the new iPhone 11 and early adopters are already preordering them. But even if you aren't an early adopter and you ride your tech ... more
  • 5 months NFL Week 2 — This Weekend’s Best Bets Houstonpress
    Week 1 of the 2019 NFL gambling season is on the books, and it went about as well as could be expected, with a nice 5-1 ATS start to the year. Beyond that, in the "everything was falling right for me on Sunday" category, not only did Kyler Murray's feverish ... more
  • 5 months NFL Week 2: Jaguars vs Texans — Four Things To Watch For Houstonpress
    I'll say this for Texans head coach (and de facto general manager) Bill O'Brien — if he is pushing all of his chips into the middle of the table for 2019 (and certainly, his behavior indicates that's precisely what he is doing, even if his words contradict that), he is ... more
  • 5 months What Happened to Wade Miley? Houstonpress
    Prior to Astros starter Wade Miley's last two passes through the rotation, he had the third best ERA in the American League. The lefty's story for 2019 has been the kind of miracle reclamation project that has become synonymous with the Astros and their data-driven approach to baseball. It wasn't ... more
  • 5 months Get the Deets on Texodus, Pelosi and POTUS Wannabes at Texas Tribune Fest Houstonpress
    How and where do you get your news? Do you wait for the carrier to toss your paper at the curb? Perhaps you live in a rural area where it's a financial choice between internet and cable TV. Were you letting Stephen Colbert feed you biased snippets on YouTube? Or maybe ... more
  • 5 months Texans Center Nick Martin Signs $33 Million Contract Extension Houstonpress
    As the Houston Texans went through the 2019 offseason sitting on oodles of salary cap space (over $40 million worth, to be exact), being so careful with it that you'd think it actually accrued interest or something, it's been fair to wonder just how they would eventually deploy this spending ... more
  • 5 months Senior at The Village School Gives New Meaning to Extracurriculars With His Own Business Houstonpress
    For most high schoolers, summer is a time to relax and enjoy a couple months without school pressure. But for 17-year-old Aaryan Patel, summer is the time to expand Tide Media, the smart home company he created when he was in ninth grade. After seeing his father install smart home ... more
  • 5 months Perry Henzell’s Reggae Revelations on Film Houstonpress -Movies
    It’s a film that many music aficionados may know about, have read about, or heard some of the soundtrack. But with the release of The Harder They Come: The Collector’s Edition (Shout! Factory), many will actually see the music-infused 1972 Jamaican crime drama – produced and directed by Perry Henzell ... more
  • 5 months NFL Week 1 Gut Punch: Saints 30, Texans 28 — 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    Prior to Monday night, there had been three times in the first 22 starts of Deshaun Watson's young NFL career in which the dynamic signal caller left his team with a lead in the final two minutes, on the road, in a difficult environment.  In his rookie year, he had ... more
  • 5 months Astrodome Back in Limbo Again? Houstonpress
    For over 20 years, the Astrodome, The Eighth Wonder of the World as it was dubbed when it opened — the first fully air-conditioned indoor stadium — has sat vacant...for the most part. It held an indoor carnival or two in the early oughts. Of course, it was home to ... more
  • 5 months Houston By the Neighborhood: The Livin’ is Easy in Summerwood-Lakeshore Houstonpress
    Discover convenience and waterfront living in the Summerwood-Lakeshore market area, with many homes backing up to Lake Houston and recreational amenities like boathouses, jet ski lifts, summer cottages and fishing piers, not to mention the herds of deer crossing the road. Located about 30 minutes northeast of downtown, and with ... more
  • 5 months The Democratic Nominee Should Refuse to Debate Donald Trump Houstonpress
    The third Democratic Primary debate is rolling into Texas Southern University Thursday. The field of 20-plus candidates has been winnowed down to ten: Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julián Castro, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang. Though it’s possible some of the ... more
  • 5 months Astros Complete Sweep of Mariners in 21-1 Romp Houstonpress
    "King" Felix Hernandez isn't the pitcher he once was. Far from it, in fact. But, he's not give-up-11-runs-in-two-innings beyond his halcyon days on the mound. On Sunday, however, the Astros absolutely demolished Hernandez and the rest of the Mariners staff as they rolled to a 21-1 victory at Minute Maid ... more
  • 5 months NFL Week 1: Texans-Saints — Four Things To Watch For Houstonpress
    Of the six seasons where Bill O'Brien has been at the helm of the Houston Texans, the 2019 season is the one where we are heading into the season opener with the most intrigue, which is definitely saying something when you consider the following: * In 2014, it was O'Brien's ... more
  • 5 months Reminder: You Have to Have a Parent Note to Get Out of Saying the Pledge Because of Texas Law Houstonpress
    Back to school is always a harrowing time. Kids make and lose friends, parents have to deal with the daily anxiety of possible mass shooters as our children spend another year drilling against the possibility, and there’s always friction of some sort with institutional education. In Texas, if you or ... more
  • 5 months Brantley’s Homer Wins It in the Thirteenth for Astros Houstonpress
    Thursday night at Minute Maid Park was...weird. Starter Wade Miley, who had the third best ERA in the American League was knocked out in the first inning after giving up five runs without recording an out. The Astros were down five after one, seven after two. In the eighth, down ... more
  • 5 months NFL Week 1 — This Weekend’s Best Bets Houstonpress
    Man, it was so nice to turn on the television last night, and watch regular season NFL football. We've spent the last seven months counting down to this weekend, marking off the days like a prisoner waiting for his meeting with the parole board, and now football is here, and ... more
  • 5 months Rockets Bank on Continuity with Gordon Extension Houstonpress
    It might seem odd to think the Rockets have done everything they could to maintain their roster this offseason when they made arguably the biggest deal of the summer in dealing Chris Paul for Russell Westrbook in a blockbuster trade even by this year's NBA standards. But, when you consider ... more
  • 5 months Houston Texans 2019 Season Preview and Predictions Houstonpress
    Man, what a week it's been. This time a week ago, the Texans' starting left tackle was Matt Kalil, Jadeveon Clowney was still covered under the Texans benefits plan, and their future drafts were fully intact. Here we are a week later, and their left tackle is Laremy Tunsil, Jadeveon ... more
  • 5 months A Tropical Storm Emerges in the Gulf While Dorian Scrapes Florida Houstonpress
    Remember back in mid-August when all was quiet in the Atlantic and we were all wondering what the big deal was with these so-called hurricanes? Who were these "forecasters" kidding? Well, um, our apologies because when they suggested things were about to heat up, the weren't kidding. There are currently ... more
  • 5 months 2019 NFL Season Win Total Best Bets Houstonpress
    If you follow me on social media or consume my content here, then you are fully aware — I love to wager. Sure, winning money is fun, but when I self assess just why I've enjoyed plunking down so many hard earned dollars over the last 30 years, I think ... more
  • 5 months Mr. Postman Delivers the Letter to HISD, Look and See What TEA Says Houstonpress
    The long-awaited official notification from Texas Education Agency telling the Houston ISD was released publicly today as events crept closer to some sort of resolution. This may be the longest drum roll in history before taking some/any kind of real action. As expected Commissioner Mike Morath wrote that because of ... more
  • 5 months Astros Weekend Illustrates Cy Young One-Two Punch Houstonpress
    For over a week, the Astros bats have been carrying a relatively heavy load. Over the span of eight games, the offense was putting up over seven runs per game including a pair of double-digit outputs. With the bullpen struggling (and tired) even with the best starting rotation in baseball, ... more
  • 5 months Houston By the Neighborhood: Upper Kirby is Walkable and Luxurious Houstonpress
    Imagine never leaving your neighborhood yet being able to dine at a different restaurant every night of the month. That's one of the bonuses about living in the Upper Kirby market area, with a Walk Score® of 91 and proximity to Pondicheri, Carrabba's, Paulie's, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Torchy's Tacos, Chuy's, Giacomo's ... more
  • 5 months Five O’Brien Era Moves The Texans Would Like Back Houstonpress
    On Saturday, Bill O'Brien oversaw one of the busiest days in Texans franchise history, perhaps in the history of ANY NFL franchise when you consider that he made four trades and had to reduce the roster from 90 players to 53. That's a lot of work, and the big ticket ... more
  • 5 months Florida May Avoid Catastrophic Landfall of Hurricane Dorian Houstonpress
    Hurricane Dorian has spent the last 36 hours devastating the northern Bahaman islands with winds in excess of 180 mph and gusts more than 200 mph. Its slow pace across these islands will likely reveal massive flooding and terrible damage from excessive winds over hours and hours of time. For ... more
  • 5 months Texans Swap Meet: Tunsil In, Clowney Gone — 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    On July 31st of this year, mere seconds before the MLB trade deadline, Houston Astros GM Jeff Luhnow completed a pennant race-altering (pennant race-sealing?) deal for Arizona ace Zack Greinke. It was just the next in a long line of big deals Luhnow has been able to execute to make ... more
  • 5 months Hurricane Dorian a Very Serious Threat to Florida Houstonpress
    Hurricane Dorian reached category two status on Thursday night with winds up to 105 mph near its still small but intensifying inner core. It is currently moving northwest just east of the Bahamas. At the moment, there is still a bit of dry air nearby slowing the storm's growth, but ... more
  • 5 months Houston Texans Final 53 Man Roster Prediction Houstonpress
    There's not much to say about the fourth preseason game, as the Texans' future practice squad lost to the Rams' future practice squad in a tedious Thursday night at NRG Stadium. The talk around the stadium and the press box was centered around the continued questions of Jadeveon Clowney's future ... more
  • 5 months Born To Ramble: Ramblin’ Jack Elliott Rambles To Houston For Two Special Events Houstonpress -Movies
    Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is the Holy Grail of folk music. His long career has been honored, studied and copied by artists since the ‘50s, with his most famous apprentice by far being a young Bob Dylan. The 88-year-old rambler will be passing through our town yet again for two special ... more
  • 5 months Astros, Yankees, Dodgers: Comparing Schedules for Home Field Advantage Houstonpress
    It's kind of incredible that over the course of 162 games that two or three teams (or more) could wind up with the same record and in a battle for playoff position in the final games of the season. In the case of the Astros, their division win is all ... more
  • 5 months NFL Preseason Week 4: Rams vs Texans — Four Position Battles To Watch For Houstonpress
    The 2019 preseason mercifully comes to an end tonight, as the Los Angeles Rams backup backups come to town to take on the back half of the Houston Texans' roster. Normally, my preview post would be titled "Four Things To Watch For," but there are two truths about this particular ... more
  • 5 months Protest Planned at Islamic Conference by Group Who Allegedly Plotted Attacks Houstonpress
    The annual Islamic Society of North America conference will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center this weekend. As with last year, Texas Patriot Network, a local Texas group with ties to white supremacy, will be on hand to protest. There was evidence in 2018 that the group planned violence at ... more
  • 5 months Houston By the Neighborhood: Welcome (Again) to Riverside Houstonpress
    Everything old becomes new again, especially when it comes to real estate. As the Houston metropolitan area grows like The Blob, and our commutes get longer and longer, we begin to view once overlooked areas through rose-colored glasses. And so it goes for the Riverside market area, those historic neighborhoods ... more
  • 5 months 2019 CFB Season Win Total and Week 1 Best Bets Houstonpress
    We like gambling in this space, because gambling is fun! For true gambling enthusiasts, the nightmare portion of the calendar — where there's only baseball and preseason NFL football on which to bet — is finally over. REAL football is here, with a full slate of games this weekend, including ... more
  • 5 months Tropical Storm Dorian One To Watch Houstonpress
    Tropical Storm Dorian, a rather tiny storm, has become the first real area of long-term tropical interest this season. Storms that have the ability to spend a fairly long time over the ocean (as opposed to Barry, earlier this year) make for interesting weather fodder and some jittery nerves for ... more
  • 5 months NFL Odds: Luck Retirement Makes Texans AFC South Favorite Houstonpress
    The retirement of Andrew Luck from the NFL over the weekend is one of the more complex stories in quite some time, especially for Houston Texans fans. On the one hand, the Texans' 2019 season just became easier, with Andrew Luck no longer on the schedule twice, although Jacoby Brissett ... more
  • 5 months Diehard Texans Fans: Explain Yourselves Houstonpress
    Anyone who understands the basic ethos of Texas recognizes the power of football in the state. When many of us were kids, people used to start looking at their watches in church if the preacher went a little too long with his sermon on Sunday morning fearing they might miss ... more
  • 5 months Astros Creep Closer to Best Record in Baseball Houstonpress
    About a week ago, things seemed to not look great for the Astros. Gerrit Cole was missing a start with an injury. Carlos Correa tweaked the back that had caused him so many issues last season. Aledmys Diaz was sidelined with an illness and the news came down that Ryan ... more
  • 5 months NFL Preseason Week 3: Cowboys Destroy Texans, Andrew Luck Retires — 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    There's never a bad day or night to be the host of the Houston Texans' postgame show on the radio. There are some nights that are better than others, but even after blowout losses, even in the preseason, I'm still getting paid to talk about football on the radio. I'm ... more
  • 5 months Travis Scott Promotes Upcoming Netflix Documentary With Surprise Pop-Up Houstonpress -Movies
    At 5 p.m. Thursday, Travis Scott surprised his 19 million Instagram followers with a vague and intriguing invitation. The Astroworld artist asked fans to meet him at the Movie Exchange on 290 and 34th in Houston for a surprise appearance. As it turned out, the event was a secret Netflix-hosted ... more
  • 5 months NFL Preseason Week 3: Texans-Cowboys — Four Things To Watch For Houstonpress
    If I were made NFL commissioner for a day (which would be awesome, because in one day, Roger Goodell makes $109,589), one edict I would do my best to ramrod through would be the annual playing of certain obvious, geographic rivalry games. There's no reason that the Houston Texans and ... more
  • 5 months Five Rules for Employers and Employees When Dealing with Houston Traffic Houstonpress
    We all recognize how big of a pain traffic can be in our everyday lives. This is particularly true of commutes to and from work. No one enjoys it, but we deal with it best we can. Employers must do the same. While those who work for a company struggle ... more
  • 5 months Rating the Concern Level of Each Injured Houston Texan Houstonpress
    This Houston Texans training camp has been marked by enthusiasm over certain developments (J.J. Watt all the way back to Peak Watt, Deshaun Watson being Deshaun Watson, and all those weapons on offense) and concern over others (Matt Kalil, Matt Kalil, and oh, did I mention, Matt Kalil?), Perhaps the ... more
  • 5 months XFL Unveils the Houston Roughnecks’ Name and Logo Houstonpress
    Webster's defines the word "roughneck," first, as a "rough and uncouth person." Synonyms include ruffian, thug, scoundrel, villain, rogue, rascal, lout, hooligan, hoodlum, vandal, delinquent, rowdy, and bully. It also defines "roughneck" as an "oil rig worker," which is the definition that hist closer to home. And as of yesterday, in ... more
  • 5 months 10 Best Bets This Weekend: Power, Pageants and Giant Pekingese Puppies Houstonpress -Movies
    A Machiavellian ruler, a victim turned predator, and giant Pekingese puppies? WTF is right, we're looking at some Weird, Thought-provoking and Fantastical programming this weekend in the Bayou City. In addition to those dance, theater and film offerings, we've got all-female wrestling, an art opening, Dog Day at the Astros ... more
  • 5 months Tropical Wave in the Gulf as Hurricane Season Nears Peak Houstonpress
    The statistical peak of hurricane season is September 10, less than three weeks away, yet the only named disturbance in the tropical Atlantic is Chantal, a tropical storm so far north it poses no threat to land and is expected to fizzle out over the next few days anyway. Closer ... more
  • 5 months Six Interesting Notes from the Astros Win Over the Tigers Houstonpress
    On Monday night, the Astros picked up win number 81 at home over the Detroit Tigers 6-3. It was their second straight win against the Tigers of the four-game series and their third straight win after losing five in a row. They are now 45-15 at home, the best home ... more
  • 5 months Four Observations From Tuesday’s Texans Training Camp Houstonpress
    Throughout this round of Houston Texans training camp, one of the many storylines has been the presence of a seemingly kinder, gentler Bill O'Brien. Whether it's the relative good health of his team, or the fact that he now runs the show over there on Kirby, whatever the reason, O'Brien ... more
  • 5 months Don’t Believe Everything You’ve Been Told About Us, HISD Trustees Say to TEA Houstonpress
    The Texas Education Agency tries to replace school boards in districts where the majority of voters are people of color, according to Houston ISD's present school board. That was just one of the many charges made by HISD  trustees in a 49-page legal response to a six-month TEA investigation that ... more
  • 5 months Houston Texans 53 Man Roster Prediction, 2019 Version 2.0 Houstonpress
    We are now under three weeks until the Houston Texans take the field in New Orleans on Monday, September 9, on Monday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints. The opportunities for eager football younglings to make the 53-man roster for the regular season are becoming fewer and far between ... more
  • 5 months Houston By the Neighborhood: Find Golf Course Living in Sugar Land East Houstonpress
    The land of milk and honey sugar is vast and mighty, with MLS market areas for west, south and north neighborhoods, but this week we're taking a look at Sugar Land East, a community rich with green spaces and roughly bordered by the Southwest Freeway, Highway 6 and Highway 90 ... more
  • 5 months The Betts Boys are Ramblin’ Men Houstonpress -Movies
    As even a casual student of rock history knows, there’s a challenge when a musician son goes into the same business as his already world-famous father. Add in playing the same instrument and then also performing in dad’s band, it seems like it would be a lot of pressure. But ... more
  • 5 months Astros Salvage a Rough Road Trip with Win Sunday Houstonpress
    It is hard to classify a game in August for a team that is six-and-a-half games up on its closest division rival with one of the best pitching staffs and lineups in baseball as "must win," but Sunday's game in Oakland for the Astros had something akin to that feeling ... more
  • 5 months NFL Preseason Week 2: Texans 30, Lions 23 — 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    The atmosphere around NRG Stadium on Saturday afternoon was typical of preseason football here in Houston. Yes, all of the elements of the regular season — tailgating, drinking, music, crowd buzz — were present, but toned down about 50 percent. Admittedly, the summer heat will do that to enthusiasm, especially ... more
  • 6 months Is It For Whom the Bell Tolls Time for HISD’s Trustees, Despite Kashmere’s Success? Houstonpress
    It was an almost completely glorious day for Houston ISD Thursday as dignitaries, staff, district officials and true believers gathered at Kashmere High School to celebrate that school finally scoring a "C" in the state accountability ratings.  Because when you're looking at another "F," clearing the hurdles with a "C" ... more
  • 6 months Four Thoughts on the Rockets 2019-2020 Schedule Houstonpress
    In about a month, the Rockets will open training camp followed by the beginning of preseason. In case you hadn't checked your calendar, October 1 is six weeks away, the Texans are already in training camp (one preseason game in the books) and the Astros are racing toward the postseason ... more
  • 6 months NFL Preseason Week 2: Lions-Texans — Four Things To Watch For Houstonpress
    This week for the Houston Texans has largely centered around two things — the reported continued attempts to trade outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney before the start of the season, and a sweltering week of practices outside at the Methodist Training Center with the Detroit Lions. The former is going to ... more
  • 6 months Astros Dodge Bullet with Gerrit Cole’s Hamstring Houstonpress
    After a really couple days in Chicago, which saw the Astros play three games in 48 hours, losing a pair to a less-than-mediocre White Sox team (one in a crazy 13-9 game on Wednesday afternoon), the team got at least a bit of good news. In the second game of ... more
  • 6 months Four Thoughts on the Jadeveon Clowney Situation Houstonpress
    As the Texans continued to ready themselves for the 2019 regular season over the last several days, all seemed to be pretty quiet on the Jadeveon Clowney front. The sixth year outside linebacker has been sitting at home with an unsigned $15.9 million franchise tag tender, and presumably was ready ... more
  • 6 months Texans Donate Over $5 Million To Sunnyside’s Pro-Vision Academy Houstonpress
    Before passing away last November, in his nearly two decades of NFL ownership in Houston, the late Bob McNair created a legacy centered heavily around philanthropy, having donated over $500 million to various causes and charities during his time as owner of the Houston Texans. On Tuesday afternoon, McNair's legacy ... more
  • 6 months Houston Traffic Is Not Nearly as Bad as You Think Houstonpress
    No one sitting on the West Loop during rush hour is going to be persuaded by the headline of this story, but they shouldn't be looking at their phones right now anyway. We love to complain about traffic in Houston and we often have good reasons, many of them enumerated ... more
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