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  • 2 months Weather Week: After the Rain, the Sun Houstonpress
    Houston got its first significant rainfall in quite a while over the weekend. Some of it came attached to some heavy rain and thunderstorms Sunday afternoon. While we certainly needed the rain, we could have done without the winds and torrential downpours. But, hey, springtime in Houston. Fortunately, this week ... more
  • 2 months March Madness 2019: Texas Tech Is Going To The Championship Game Houstonpress
    The first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament was about as chalky a tournament as we've ever seen, at least through two rounds. For those not plugged in on the gambling parlance, "chalky" is just a fancy way of saying that almost all the favorites moved on — all the ... more
  • 2 months Texas House Reps Seek Answers From ITC Friday In Austin Houstonpress
    A panel in the Texas House of Representatives questioned International Terminals Company and those involved in the effort to contain the chemical fire that began March 17 at its facility in Deer Park, in a hearing Friday in Austin. ITC, who used independent fire fighting contractors including U.S. Fire Pump, ... more
  • 2 months Twitter Etiquette: 4 Rules to Follow Right Now Houstonpress
    Twitter is unstoppable. What was once primarily a way for people to post inane updates about what they were doing at every second of the day is now the de-facto news wire service of the twenty-first century...and a place for people to post inane updates about what they are doing ... more
  • 2 months Four Big Questions About The Houston Texans After Free Agency Houstonpress
    If the outset of NFL free agency is a fire hose, then we are most certainly down to the point in the free agency calendar where the faucet has been turned off, and all we are seeing, hearing, and feeling are small droplets from the free agency hose. And while ... more
  • 3 months Why Did KMCO Get a High Industry Ranking In 2017 Despite Violations? Houstonpress
    Operations remained suspended Wednesday at the KMCO plant in Crosby on orders of the Harris County Fire Marshal's office after Tuesday’s plant fire and explosion that cost 27-year-old James Earl “Bubba” Mangum his life and left two other men critically injured.  One of the men identified by channel 13 as ... more
  • 3 months Weather Weekend: Hope You Don’t Have Outdoor Plans Houstonpress
    Sometimes, the weather gods just don't play nice with modern work conventions. Such was the case this week when the most beautiful late winter weather we have seen in a while landed on Monday and Tuesday. Quite the waste unless you were on vacation. But, that's how it goes sometimes ... more
  • 3 months The Most Significant Offseason Move For Each Texans 2019 Opponent Houstonpress
    It appears that the free agency portion of the offseason is winding down. Houston Texan fans would say that it's been largely winding down from about the time that it started, but their lack of activity in free agency is neither here nor there, for the purposes of this post ... more
  • 3 months Best Bets This Weekend in Houston: Margaret Atwood, Fast Cars and ‘Stros Houstonpress -Movies
    There's literally something for everybody this weekend in Houston. Muscle cars, literary superstar Margaret Atwood, opening day for baseball, and even a plant sale to jumpstart your pollinator garden. Film buffs can choose between attending WorldFest or seeing home movies on the Menil's exterior; music lovers have opera, chamber music ... more
  • 3 months Four Thoughts On Texans Safety Andre Hal’s Retirement Announcement Houstonpress
    Sometimes, the unexpected can happen in an NFL offseason. With safety Andre Hal, it's happened now this offseason AND last offseason. Last year, in June, Andre Hal was announcing to the world that he had Hodgkin's lymphoma. His career was put on hold, and he was left to fight for ... more
  • 3 months Sampson Remaining at UH Great for the Program Houstonpress
    It took the University of Houston men's basketball program 35 years to get back to the sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. It took them 34 just to win a game in the tourney. Three decades ago, it was Guy V. Lewis, the unique and innovative Hall of Fame coach, ... more
  • 3 months One Dead, Two Injured As Another Plant Fire Hits the Houston Area Houstonpress
    On Tuesday afternoon, fires were still burning at the KMCO chemical plant in East Harris County with reports that one person died in the blaze and two others were critically injured and were taken by ambulance to Memorial Hermann. By 5 p.m. the fires were out and the one-mile shelter-in-place ... more
  • 3 months Alfred Blue Moves On From Texans, Signs One Year Deal In Jacksonville Houstonpress
    Empirically, Alfred Blue is an NFL success story. As a sixth round pick out of LSU in 2014, the fact that Alfred Blue is still bumping around the league in 2019 means he has, by definition, defied the odds, and for that he should be applauded. Yet, I couldn't help ... more
  • 3 months Ranking the Rockets’ Potential First Round Opponents Houstonpress
    As of writing this, the Rockets sit at third place in the Western Conference, a half game up on Portland. Even though the Blazers won the season series, the Rockets have the advantage because they won their division. So, if the teams end the season tied, the Rockets win the ... more
  • 3 months Houston By the Neighborhood: Bridgeland in Cypress Houstonpress
    If you have an active lifestyle, enjoy the great outdoors, and want to live near parks, waterways and green spaces, then master-planned communities just might be the way to go. Last year the Texas Association of Builders named the Howard Hughes Corporation® the top developer of the year for its Bridgeland® community in ... more
  • 3 months NCAA March Madness: Four Thoughts on the Elite Eight Houstonpress
    The first weekend of the NCAA men's basketball tournament was, quite frankly, pretty boring, with virtually no buzzer beaters or last second plays to decide games, and even fewer Cinderella stories. The Sweet Sixteen this weekend consisted of all four 1-seeds, all four 2-seeds, all four 3-seeds, two 4-seeds, a ... more
  • 3 months Four Reasons Not to Panic, Astros Fans Houstonpress
    If you have been on vacation, you're forgiven for missing the opening of the Astros season. And, to be honest, you didn't miss much. The Astros lost three of four in Tampa Bay, including a game two loss to former Astro Charlie Morton. The bats were awful — Alex Bregman ... more
  • 3 months Weather Week: Enjoy This Last Gasp of Winter Houstonpress
    We took a glance at the calendar on Sunday. It said March 31, but we swore it was January 31. Temperatures hovered in the 50s all day long under overcast skies. We avoided rainfall, which made the day not too bad, even outside assuming you had a jacket on. You'll ... more
  • 3 months Reviews For The Easily Distracted: Hotel Mumbai Houstonpress -Movies
    Hotel Mumbai isn't the kind of movie you "enjoy," exactly. It's a gut-churning and pitiless experience, much like United 93. ... more
  • 3 months Carmageddon II: The Constructioning Houstonpress
    It seems almost like a hysterical irony that April Fool's Day is Monday. Because if you don't feel like a fool climbing into your car and setting forth on area freeways now, you probably will by the start of next week. Look, man, we don't want to harsh your buzz, ... more
  • 3 months HISD Trustees Go Back to Square One, Discuss Their Options Tonight Houstonpress
    For the last three years, Doris Delaney has been appointed by the Texas Education Agency to help straighten out Houston Independent School District. As a state-appointed conservator she has fairly substantial powers that range far beyond just giving advice. For instance, as she did just this past Monday, she can ... more
  • 3 months Weather Weekend: The Clouds Return, But Probably Not the Rain Houstonpress
    The weather this week has been nothing short of spectacular. With cool temperatures and sunny skies, if you were able to get outside, this was the week to do it. Unfortunately, the continued lack of rain has made for some really awful allergy conditions as pollen counts remain basically off ... more
  • 3 months Five MLB Season Win Total Best Bets for 2019 Houstonpress
    Of all the sports on which I enjoy betting, and there are many, the most tedious and possibly degenerate to bet in the form of individual, regular season games is baseball, where even the absolute worst teams win games about 40 percent of the time. Therefore, my play in the ... more
  • 3 months 10 Best Bets This Weekend in Houston: Polo, Wiener Dogs and Siempre Selena Houstonpress -Movies
    Spring has sprung and we've got all sorts of great reasons to get out of the house this weekend in Houston. Memorial Park plays host to the Bayou City Art Festival, a walkable feast for the eyes; the Houston Polo Club starts back up with the new season; and there's ... more
  • 3 months Four Questions As the Astros Begin the 2019 Season Houstonpress
    The flowers are blooming, the weather is starting to warm up and spring break is in the rearview mirror. It's springtime and that means baseball. The Astros begin their 2019 campaign after a record-setting, yet ultimately unfulfilling 2018. Of course, anything short of another World Series victory would be a ... more
  • 3 months Harris County Commissioners Vote to Sue ITC Over Costs From Its Plant Accident Houstonpress
    In a unanimous vote Tuesday, played out before a packed room of onlookers, Harris County Commissioners Court voted to sue ITC for the fire and toxic chemical spill at its plant that shut down schools and the Houston Ship Channel, had nearby residents sheltering in place and will perhaps have ... more
  • 3 months Who’s The Next Big Houston Sports Contract To Be Signed? Houstonpress
    It's been a big week for locking up foundational players, with the Houston Astros signing third baseman Alex Bregman to a six year extension, and then a few days later, signing ace pitcher Justin Verlander to the highest annual salary in team history — two years, $66 million. Living in ... more
  • 3 months Houston Jewish Film Fest Includes 1924 Satire That Foreshadowed Holocaust Houstonpress -Movies
    Social media and the interwebs provide an outlet for hatemongers. Those amplified thoughts also increase the dangers of classifying people as "others" and create an environment where it becomes easier to think of entire populations as unwanted or threatening. More than a few parallels have been drawn between the rise ... more
  • 3 months Four Thoughts On the Retirement Of Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Houstonpress
    As the Houston Texans were reconfiguring their secondary this offseason, allowing safeties Tyrann Mathieu and Kareem Jackson to walk in free agency, one big focus in finding their replacement was to locate a safety who excels in covering tight ends. Therefore, they signed former Jaguar Tashaun Gipson, perhaps the best ... more
  • 3 months Some Historical Significance in UH’s Return to the Sweet 16 Houstonpress
    UH men's basketball coach Kelvin Sampson summed up how his team felt about being the first team since Phi Slama Jama to reach the NCAA Sweet 16, "These guys weren't born," Samson said. "So that means nothing to them. Like when they came here, everybody likes to talk about Phi ... more
  • 3 months New Gun Nut Talking Point: Gun Control is Privilege Houstonpress
    This month New Zealand experienced a horrible white supremacy terror attack that killed 50 people. In the wake of that tragedy their government is skipping the “thoughts and prayers” portion of the Stages of Mass Shooting and going straight into banning “military-style semiautomatic weapons.” Their neighbor, Australia, passed similar measures ... more
  • 3 months Houston By the Neighborhood: Touring the Homes and Gardens in the Heights Houstonpress
    Charming, historic, pedestrian friendly, and now with beer and wine available from the grocery store, the Heights neighborhood remains one of Houston's shining stars. With an eclectic mix of Victorian and Queen Anne style residences, interspersed with new construction and domiciles-turned-offices, it's easy to envy those lucky enough to live ... more
  • 3 months TEA Conservator For HISD Suspends the Superintendent’s Search Houstonpress
    The Houston ISD school board that voted in February to continue its search for a permanent superintendent was hauled up short Monday when a Texas Education Agency conservator assigned to the district told them to halt proceedings. Dr. Doris Delaney sent the board a letter dated March 25 saying they ... more
  • 3 months Weather Week: Another Nice Spring Week on Tap Houstonpress
    Despite a few clouds, it turned out to be a pretty nice weekend. The sun managed to peek through the clouds off and on, and the mild temperatures along with a pleasant breeze made for some great spring weather. More of that is coming this week. Monday should be much ... more
  • 3 months ITC Reports Progress and No More Setbacks at Its Deer Park Plant Houstonpress
    The U.S. Coast Guard stepped up its efforts to reopen the Houston Ship Channel Sunday, by tripling the length of its booms as it worked to capture more of the chemical toxins released in the March 22 containment wall breach that followed the March 17 ITC tank farm fire. Lt. Commander ... more
  • 3 months Four Thoughts on Houston Texans Signing LT Matt Kalil Houstonpress
    I've said this many times since Deshaun Watson took over as the unquestioned leader of the Houston Texans' on-field operation, and I'll say it again here — every decision the franchise makes needs to come with a good answer to the question "Is this in the best interests of Deshaun ... more
  • 3 months Four Thoughts on Justin Verlander’s $66 Million Contract Extension With the Astros Houstonpress
    Well, if the Houston Astros' regular season is as eventful as the last four or five days have been for the Houston Astros' future payroll, 2019 should be a helluva good time out at Minute Maid Park! Just a few days after locking up third baseman Alex Bregman for the ... more
  • 3 months ITC Reports Breach Cause Unknown, New Fire is Out, Pumping Suspended Houstonpress
    One week after their Deer Park plant caught on fire and released chemical vapors into the surrounding neighborhoods, ITC officials held another press conference Saturday morning to review their latest setbacks and outline what they’ll do next. At 3:45 p.m. Friday, tanks 80-2, 80-3 and 80-5 containing a gas blend ... more
  • 3 months Critical Hours Ahead as ITC Attempts to Remove Last 20,000 Gallons of Benzene From Tank [UPDATED] Houstonpress
    ITC will be attempting to remove the last 20,000 gallons of benzene from one tank on its Deer Park facility — an action that will take an estimated 8-12 hours officials said at a 10 a.m. press conference. The danger is, of course, that just as happened the other day, ... more
  • 3 months Reviews For The Easily Distracted: Dragged Across Concrete Houstonpress -Movies
    You don't need a film historian to point out despicable lead characters in movies directed by everyone from Siegel to Peckinpah to Friedkin. Depiction is not endorsement, fine, but Zahler goes back to this well enough to make us reconsider indulging his clear talents for filmmaking. ... more
  • 3 months James Harden is MVP. Game Over. Houstonpress
    Giannas Antetokounmpo has had a brilliant season. The Milwuakee Bucks forward is virtually everything you could want from a dominant young player. He scores. He passes. He defends. He is the total package. He's no James Harden. Throughout the season, particularly during Harden's transcendent run of scoring 30 points in more ... more
  • 3 months Benzene Levels From ITC Worsen Overnight. Shelter In Place Issued For Deer Park and Pasadena. Houstonpress
    The fires may be out but with levels of benzene on the rise at the ITC facility in Deer Park, it became apparent Thursday morning that this whole chemical accident and its effects are far from over. As we reported earlier, while the EPA was giving the all-clear, the Texas ... more
  • 3 months Weather Weekend: The Smoke Clears for Some Nice Weather Houstonpress
    If you don't count the massive black cloud of chemical-laden smoke hovering over the entire city the past few days, the weather in Houston has been fantastic. Spring has certainly sprung and we are experiencing the effects with dry, mild days and cool nights. Fortunately for us, the ITC fire ... more
  • 3 months ITC Transitions Into Clean Up, EPA Reassures Still No Hazardous Levels Houstonpress
    Thanks to the number of tanks on fire decreasing from seven to four on Tuesday, firefighters at the ITC plant in Deer Park were better able to go on the offensive and extinguish the remaining flames early Wednesday morning, ITC spokeswoman Alice Richardson said at a Wednesday morning press conference ... more
  • 3 months Four Thoughts On Alex Bregman’s Big Contract Extension Houstonpress
    About ten days ago, the Houston Astros renewed third baseman Alex Bregman's contract for the 2019 season. After a breakout year in 2018, where he finished among the leaders in the American League MVP balloting, Bregman was hoping for a small bump up in pay from his near league minimum ... more
  • 3 months ITC Fire Extinguished Early Wednesday Morning, School Closures Continue Houstonpress
    Chemical fires that began Sunday morning at the International Terminals Company tank farm were extinguished around 3 a.m. today, the company has reported. But with re-ignition still a possibility, firefighters continue to apply foam and water to help in the cool down and area school districts are still taking precautions ... more
  • 3 months Sorting Out the Rockets Playoff Rotations Houstonpress
    Finally healthy, the Rockets have a problem. It's a good problem. They have a lot of depth. More than at any other point of the season. Coach Mike D'Antoni is using the last few weeks of the season to not only get rest for some of his guys, but also ... more
  • 3 months Houston Texans Sign Backup QB A.J. McCarron Houstonpress
    Deshaun Watson has been a Houston Texan now for two full seasons. In 2017, his rookie year, he started just six games before tearing his ACL, and from there the season went into the toilet, finishing at 4-12. In 2018, his second year, Watson played in all 16 games, and ... more
  • 3 months Four Ways to Curb Cycling Dangers in Houston Houstonpress
    Another cyclist — this time, 23-year-old David Loya — has been killed on Houston streets. Loya was struck by a school bus while riding in the protected bike lane on Heights Boulevard. This was not a case of a careless cyclist weaving into traffic or driving on a busy street ... more
  • 3 months ITC Plant Fire Spreads Overnight Houstonpress
    The Intercontinental Terminals Company plant fire has overtaken an additional two gasoline tanks overnight, the company reported at a morning press conference Tuesday while officials expressed hopes that the wind does not change. The two new tanks contained pyrolysis gasoline, a highly aromatic naphtha product which is a byproduct created ... more
  • 3 months Texans Ink TE Darren Fells To One Year Deal, Visit With Two Others Houstonpress
    Thus far, the NFL's free agency period has been pretty quiet for the Houston Texans, too quiet for the fans' tastes, at least. They've signed safety Tashaun Gipson and cornerback Bradley Roby to replace the departed Tyrann Mathieu and Kareem Jackson. They signed cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun on Friday as some ... more
  • 3 months Scheme-Free College Admissions: Use These Tips To Up The Chances (While Not Getting Arrested) Houstonpress
    Take a look at the money- and scheme-free criteria that college admissions counselors and panels look for and advise in the applications packets, especially now that application season is in full swing. ... more
  • 3 months ITC Defends its Safety Levels, Says Fire at Plant Probably Caused By a Leak Houstonpress
    As the fires at its Deer Park plant continued to burn Monday afternoon, Intercontinental Terminals Company  called a press conference to announce that an environmental assessment in air quality tests done today showed "all detections were below levels that would represent a health concern." That, of course, was in direct response ... more
  • 3 months Johnny Manziel Signs On With AAF, Will Play For Memphis Houstonpress
    Just a few weeks after being exiled by the entire Canadian Football League, Johnny Manziel has gotten yet another opportunity to prove himself as a worthy professional football quarterback, signing a standard player agreement with the Alliance of American Football. With his geographical AAF rights held by the San Antonio ... more
  • 3 months Weather Week: Beautiful Spring Weather on Tap Houstonpress
    Well, it certainly made us wait long enough. It took until Sunday afternoon for the sun to finally break through the clouds and knock us out of a long string of overcast days. Even better, it wasn't brutally hot. In fact, it was downright pleasant outside and actually a little ... more
  • 3 months Houston By the Neighborhood: Live Longer in 77073 Houstonpress
    Want to live longer? Well it seems that geography could be a factor in longevity. The number-crunching brainiac scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center have dug deep into 1.6 million death records at the Texas Department of State Health Services Center for Health Statistics. They mined that mountain of data ... more
  • 3 months Three-Way Tie for Third Remains Advantage Rockets Houstonpress
    The Rockets fell to the Golden State Warriors Wednesday night in what could turn out to be the deciding factor for the No. 1 spot in the West. Additionally, it almost assures the Rockets no shot of reaching that mark, which was already unlikely. In other words, very little was ... more
  • 3 months There Needs to be a Texan on the 2020 Democratic Ticket Houstonpress
    Beto O’Rourke, who narrowly missed unseating Senator Ted Cruz in the 2018 midterms, has finally thrown his hat in the ring for president in 2020 after months of speculation. I’ve been joking that O’Rourke has been following the Avengers trailer school of campaigning, and the fact that he formally announced ... more
  • 3 months How Long Until DeAndre Hopkins Passes Andre Johnson As Texans Greatest WR? Houstonpress
    Last year, on Arian Foster's podcast, Andre Johnson told Foster that he demanded a trade after the 2012 season. In retrospect, that seems crazy because the Texans were coming off their best season in franchise history, with a 12-4 record, and Andre Johnson had just posted another season's worth of ... more
  • 3 months Weather Weekend: Get This Sunshine Party Started Houstonpress
    Raise your hand if you are tired of muggy, cloudy, foggy days in Houston. While there are those among us who prefer the weeks of Seattle-like weather we have experienced, the vitamin D deficient have been begging for a little sunshine and, get ready, cause it is on the way ... more
  • 3 months Five Body Parts of Houston Athletes Crucial To Houston Sports Fans’ 2019 Happiness Houstonpress
    If you're reading this post then it probably means you're among the Houstonians whose emotional well being is just a little too tied to the fate of your sports teams. It's OK, you're far from alone. In the fourth largest city in the country, with professional and collegiate teams that ... more
  • 3 months Astros Pitcher Francis Martes Suspended 80 Games for PED Use Houstonpress
    At the start of another season, the Astros have lost another young pitcher to a performance-enhancing drug suspension. Last year it was Forrest Whitley. This year, Francis Martes. Much like last year, it is unlikely to affect the team. MLB announced on Tuesday that Martes was being suspended for 80 ... more
  • 3 months Texans Sign S Tashaun Gipson and CB Bradley Roby To Replenish Secondary Houstonpress
    Less than one day after watching their top two veteran safeties, and two leaders in snaps played on defense in 2018 — Tyrann Mathieu and Kareem Jackson — walk in free agency, the Houston Texans replenished their secondary on Tuesday by signing former Jacksonville Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson and former ... more
  • 3 months Rockets Losing Leads Isn’t Hurting Them Yet Houstonpress
    As the NBA season progresses and gets deep into the late winter doldrums, it is understandable when good teams get a bit complacent. The Golden State Warriors, who visit Toyota Center on Wednesday, are in the midst of a tough stretch after a recent double-digit loss to the awful Suns ... more
  • 3 months Your Pets Are Not Hippies Houstonpress
    Pets as accessories to privileged ding dongs for silly reasons is a proud tradition stretching back at least to Ancient Rome. Whether Caligula ever actually made a horse a consul is immaterial (he probably didn’t), but there’s no denying that we all can easily believe he would. So it doesn’t ... more
  • 3 months Houston By the Neighborhood: Oak Forest Houstonpress
    We totally get why developers are tearing down properties in Oak Forest; the home values of the newly constructed dwellings are stratospheric in comparison to the original ranch style gems from the 1940s and '50s. Of those newly constructed (or still under construction) properties on, at least 17 are listed ... more
  • 3 months Tyrann Mathieu To Leave Houston For 3 Year, $42 Million Deal With Kansas City Houstonpress
    When safety Tyrann Mathieu was released by the Arizona Cardinals about a year ago, he had options where he could have made more money than the one year, $7 million deal he eventually inked with the Houston Texans. However, Mathieu wanted to do two things — play for a winner, ... more
  • 3 months How Come We Say “Don’t Mess With Texas” But Allow a Twice-a-Year Time Change? Houstonpress
    We're in the 21st Century but every year we're all re-enactors - willing or not — trapped in an premise embraced during World War I. This particular philosophy: that Daylight Savings Time is good for us. Most of you bleary-eyed readers are probably thinking this morning it's not. Sunday morning ... more
  • 3 months Four Thoughts On Antonio Brown’s Trade to the Oakland Raiders Houstonpress
    On Thursday night, it appeared wide receiver Antonio Brown was on the verge of being dealt to the Buffalo Bills, but that trade fell through. Then, on Friday evening, Brown teased on social media that he would be announcing his new team very soon, but Friday night came and went ... more
  • 3 months Weather Week: Clouds and More Clouds, but a Change on the Way Houstonpress
    Last week, we saw the clouds part for a couple days. If you enjoy the sun, we imagine you were outside with one of those old school sun reflectors from the 1950s when doctors swore the sun was really good for you and wouldn't give you cancer. If you hate ... more
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