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  • 2 months Catching Up With the Arts in Houston: A Lost Masterwork, the Irrepressible Tamarie Cooper & More Houstonpress -Movies
    A forgotten film of note being aired by The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Catastrophic Theatre's Tamarie Cooper's Quarantine Edition. A new participatory public arts project through the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.  While visual and performing arts venues are dealing carefully with the coronavirus, there is still plenty to see and do right now. ... more
  • 2 months U.S. State Department Orders China to Close Its Consulate in Houston Houstonpress
    The U.S. State Department revealed on Wednesday that it has ordered China to shut down its Houston consulate at 3417 Montrose Boulevard by Friday “in order to protect American intellectual property and Americans’ private information.” The announcement came after the Houston Fire Department and City police were called to the ... more
  • 2 months NBA Bubble May Have a Chance of Working Houstonpress
    ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols was finally ready to leave her hotel room. In a video she posted on her Twitter feed, the host of The Jump ceremonially cut off the green wrist band she had been wearing while quarantined in her room and emerged into the Orlando heat and sunshine ... more
  • 2 months Houston Texans Place Three Players In Positional Rankings Houstonpress
    The Texans offseason has left the team in a weird spot — nearly all of Bill O'Brien's moves have been questionable, at best, and yet, I think they should probably be favored to win their third straight AFC South title. Much of my optimism is based in the existence of ... more
  • 2 months Tropical Disturbances Remind Us It’s Hurricane Season Houstonpress
    We know you are a little caught up at the moment with a pandemic, civil unrest, an economic meltdown and what feels like the disintegration of the fabric of society as we know it, but this is your friendly reminder it is hurricane season. And you need look no further ... more
  • 2 months NFL Owners and Players Ratify Stringent COVID Testing Protocol Houstonpress
    Heading into Monday morning, when we last checked in on the efforts to start training camp in the NFL and get on with a 2020 season, the league had issued a memo advising all players to report by July 28. The players then responded with a storm of Sunday morning ... more
  • 2 months I am Not Sending My Kid Back to School Houstonpress
    There is no greater debate in America now than what school districts are going to do when the fall rolls around and coronavirus is still active. However, whatever they decided, it is really time for parents to figure out what we’re going to do. I for one am not sending ... more
  • 2 months Turner and Local Officials Talk Schools, City Services and Hospitals in COVID-19 Update Houstonpress
    Mayor Sylvester Turner announced at a Monday afternoon press conference that the Houston Health Department was reporting 884 new COVID-19 cases and seven additional deaths from the coronavirus within the City of Houston,, putting Houston’s cumulative case count at 36,985 and the city’s death toll at 329. The Harris County ... more
  • 2 months Texas Republicans Elect Right-Winger Allen West as Party Chair Houstonpress
    Just hours before sunrise on Monday morning, the Republican Party of Texas chose former Florida congressman, conservative rabble rouser and Texas transplant Allen West to be their new chairman at the end of another chaotic day of the party’s virtual convention. West declared victory about half an hour before incumbent ... more
  • 2 months Fort Bend County Judge George Decries Racist Attacks Sent His Way Houstonpress
    Over the weekend, Fort Bend County Judge KP George shined a light on some of the racist and xenophobic attacks that have been sent to him online in recent weeks. George, an Indian American Democrat who’s served as county judge since 2019, published a collage of offensive comments he’s received ... more
  • 2 months NFL Makes It Official: Training Camp To Begin On Time July 28 Houstonpress
    It's Monday. There should be REAL Major League Baseball being played in this city by the end of the week. The Rockets will begin scrimmaging in the NBA's Orlando bubble this week, with an eye on July 31 to resume the 2019-2020 regular season. There is light at the end ... more
  • 2 months Voting Third Party is the Political Equivalent of Sending Thoughts and Prayers – 2020 Edition Houstonpress
    Some dissatisfaction with the binary choice for president in 2020 is to be expected. On the Republican side we have the incumbent Donald Trump, an impeached golfer whose incompetence has directly led to the deaths of 80,000 Americans and counting. On the Democratic side is former Vice President Joe Biden, ... more
  • 2 months Federal Appeals Court Puts Brakes on In-Person GOP Convention Once Again Houstonpress
    Once again, the courts have intervened to prevent the Republican Party of Texas from having an in-person convention in Houston during an ongoing pandemic thanks to an appeal filed by the City of Houston and Houston First, the city’s convention arm. In a tweet sent out in the wee hours ... more
  • 2 months Turner Gives COVID-19 Update and Thanks New York Gov. Cuomo for Supplies Houstonpress
    Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner gave a brief coronavirus update Friday afternoon, during which he announced that the Houston Health Department was reporting 11 new COVID-19 fatalities, the second highest single-day reported death total in Houston after Wednesday’s record-high 16 reported deaths. Houston’s coronavirus death toll now sits at 315. Two ... more
  • 2 months Federal Judge Rules Texas GOP Convention Can Be Held at GRB [UPDATED] Houstonpress
    Late Thursday afternoon, Judge Lynn Hughes of the Southern District of Texas ruled in federal court that the Republican Party of Texas can go forward with an in-person convention at George R. Brown Convention Center either this weekend or next. The decision was based on a lawsuit previously filed by ... more
  • 2 months TEA Loosens the Reins Slightly For More Virtual Classes Houstonpress
    Any public school district in Texas can declare that it is going the online-only instruction route — for the first four weeks, according to the latest update from the Texas Education Agency. Districts like Houston ISD and several other area school districts that had intended to go longer will then ... more
  • 3 months Twitter Hack Underscores Social Media Vulnerabilities: Four Thoughts Houstonpress
    If you happened to miss it, Twitter was the subject of a massive breach on Wednesday that affected a number of high profile accounts including Joe Biden and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos among others. The hackers posted cryptocurrency scams on the compromised user accounts. As a result, Twitter shut down ... more
  • 3 months Pandemic Plans and Furry Friends: COVID-19’s Impact on Houston Animal Rescues Houstonpress
    The coronavirus pandemic has thrown Houston area animal shelters for a loop just like the rest of us. For the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the City of Houston’s Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care, that’s meant dealing with an influx of pet abandonment, virtual ... more
  • 3 months Houston Reports 16 New COVID-19 Deaths, a Single-Day Record Houstonpress
    Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner revealed Wednesday that the City of Houston had hit a tragic new milestone: the first new daily COVID-19 death count in the double digits. In an afternoon press conference, Turner announced that the Houston Health Department added 16 deaths from the coronavirus to the city’s official ... more
  • 3 months HISD Delays Start of School Year and Will Be Virtual For First 6 Weeks at Least Houstonpress
    Houston ISD will start the fall semester on Tuesday September 8 with virtual classes through Friday October 16 and then reassess before proceeding. The last day of school for the 2020-21 school year will be June 11. Houston ISD Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan Wednesday made the announcement several hours after ... more
  • 3 months Texans Pick John Cornyn’s November Foe In Tuesday’s Primary Runoff Houstonpress
    Tuesday’s primary runoff election felt just a tad different from the pre-pandemic voting days Houstonians are used to. Held in the blistering July heat after being postponed in May thanks to the coronavirus, Tuesday’s election led Houston voters to line up in a socially distanced fashion in their face masks ... more
  • 3 months Can ’90s Alt Rockers The Incoherents Get It Together One More Time? Houstonpress -Movies
    Music heads are generally suckers for movies about “Getting the Band Together” or “Getting the Band Back Together.” Titles of varying quality featuring fictional groups run the gamut from Eddie and the Cruisers, That Thing You Do!, and The Commitments to more independent fare like Garage Days and Still Crazy ... more
  • 3 months New Doc Finally Gives Suzi Quatro Her Due Houstonpress -Movies
    In the mid 1970s, she was a pioneering female rocker at a time when that term was nearly nonexistent, a hugely popular record and concert attraction, and a style icon. That is…in much of the non-U.S. world. Here in her own home country, the singer/bassist born and bred in tough ... more
  • 3 months Baseball Athletes, Owners Need to Read the Room Houstonpress
    It's incredible when you think about it. This year has seen the impeachment of a sitting president, a global pandemic that has infected over two million people and massive protests over racial inequality that are already changing the dialogue and policy in America. And we are only in June. Which ... more
  • 3 months Houston Businesses May Be Required To Mandate Customer Face Masks Houstonpress
    In a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner signalled that he’s open to mandating that city businesses require their customers to wear face masks. “I think we’ll take a look at it...We’ll do what we can, and I’ll certainly entertain it,” Turner said. Turner’s remarks came one day ... more
  • 4 months Turner and Other Texas Mayors Ask Gov. Abbott to Let Them Require Mask-Wearing Houstonpress
    Late Tuesday afternoon, a coalition of nine Texan mayors politely demanded that Gov. Greg Abbott allow them to make rules to enforce wearing facemasks in their cities to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The request came via a letter to the statehouse signed by nine Texan mayors, including the ... more
  • 4 months Gov. Abbott Says It’s Our Own Responsibility to Make Sure We Don’t Get COVID-19 Houstonpress
    Despite significant increases in COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases across Texas in recent weeks, Governor Greg Abbott remains confident that there’s no need to slow down statewide business reopenings and the continued loosening of state rules around business occupancy levels due to the state’s as of yet sufficient hospital capacity to ... more
  • 4 months Don’t Share Content From The Alt-Right, Even When You Agree With Them Houstonpress
    Just because a stopped clock is right twice a day is no reason not to fix or replace the clock. There’s this tendency, particularly on the left side of the American political spectrum, to want to be liked by everyone. The ability to win over “all sides” might be worthwhile ... more
  • 4 months Five Houston Texans Who Must Live Up To Their Salary Cap Hit Houstonpress
    Bill O'Brien and Jack Easterby, collectively as sort of a two-headed GM monster (sometimes a monster that works for good, and sometimes evil, if you ask Texans fans), have been urgently active over the last year, trying to put together a team that is seemingly designed to TRY to win ... more
  • 4 months Supreme Court Rules That LGBT Americans Are Protected From Discrimination Houstonpress
    On Monday morning, the scales of justice tipped one step closer toward equality for LGBT Americans when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the same federal Civil Rights Act prohibiting discrimination based on sex also applies to sexual orientation and gender identity. In a 6-3 vote, conservative Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, ... more
  • 4 months City Slow Street Pilot Program Should Become Permanent in Some Areas Houstonpress
    It only took a pandemic for the city of Houston to realize that providing safe ways for people not in cars to get around is perhaps a good idea. Something cycling enthusiasts and proponents of neighborhood walkability have been clamoring for in a city ruled by the car seems to ... more
  • 4 months Will J.J. Watt Kneel for the National Anthem This Fall? Houstonpress
    Will J.J. Watt kneel for the national anthem this fall prior to Houston Texans games? Just three weeks ago, this question would have been a headline dismissed as the most ultimate salacious headline porn. After all, the number of players still kneeling for the anthem a few weeks ago had ... more
  • 4 months No Live Crowd for This Year’s Freedom Over Texas Fourth of July Celebration [UPDATED] Houstonpress
    The coronavirus won’t stop Houston’s annual Freedom Over Texas Fourth of July celebration from happening, but this year’s event will be a remote, socially-distanced affair. In a Monday morning press conference, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced that the show would go on—pyrotechnics, music and all—just without any in-person spectators. “Watch ... more
  • 4 months Four Thoughts on the New York Yankees (Possibly) Getting Their Cheating Comeuppance Houstonpress
    There's an old saying on social media (if social media has been around long enough for anything related to it to be considered "old") — "it's tough on these Twitter streets." Houston Astro fans know exactly what that means. Since the Astros were pinched for stealing signs during the 2017 ... more
  • 4 months Mayor Turner Will Fast-Track The Removal of Confederate Monuments Houstonpress
    Mayor Sylvester Turner announced Thursday the intended removal of two confederate statues will be expedited to happen before Juneteeth, the observance on June 19 of the day in 1865 when slaves in Texas were read the Emancipation Proclamation. "Our plan for relocating confederate statues from public parks to locations more ... more
  • 4 months HISD Trustees OK a New Budget Amid Calls For Change Houstonpress
    Armed with more questions than answers about the future — COVID-19 costs? 11-month school year? Classes that are virtual, in-person or hybrid?  What do we do with calls to defund our police department? — the Houston ISD trustees Thursday night trudged through another lengthy meeting and approved a $2 billion ... more
  • 4 months Harris County Judge Hidalgo Warns “The Precipice of a Disaster” Might Be Approaching Houstonpress
    “I want the reopening to be successful. I want the economy to be resilient. But I’m growing increasingly concerned that we may be reaching the precipice of a disaster,” warned Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo during a Thursday afternoon press conference. Moments later, she revealed a new threat level system ... more
  • 4 months Four Industries Bolstered by the Pandemic Houstonpress
    With tens of millions out of work and the entire economy reeling from stay-at-home orders and worried shoppers over the last two months, it is difficult to imagine any good news could come from the pandemic. Believe it or not, however, there are businesses that are thriving. Some are not ... more
  • 4 months Mayor Turner Signs Order to Limit HPD’s Use of Deadly Force Houstonpress
    “It is the policy of the City of Houston…to value and preserve human life…” So reads the opening to Executive Order 1-67 on Policing Reform: Use of Force, signed by Mayor Sylvester Turner on Wednesday evening. The new order codifies a set of policy reforms designed to limit the use ... more
  • 4 months Rockets Smallball to Be Tested in Shortened Season Houstonpress
    When the NBA finally makes its return from its conronavirus-induced quarantine, things will go quickly. Teams will play about seven games before getting to the postseason, not much time to ramp up, which means those squads who start fast will have a leg up on any team that doesn't. It's ... more
  • 4 months Harris County District Attorney’s Office Drops Nearly 800 Charges Against Non-Violent Protesters Houstonpress
    Hundreds of non-violent protesters recently arrested by Houston police can sleep a little easier tonight. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office announced on June 10 that they had dropped nearly 800 criminal charges made against people who were taken into police custody after participating in local protests concerning the killing ... more
  • 4 months Rating the Full Plate of Issues for Each Houston Sports Owner Houstonpress
    Mo' money, mo' problems. It's not just an iconic song title from The Notorious B.I.G. In Houston, and honestly, around the entire sports landscape, it's a realization that many owners across all sports are having, that with the eight digit annual operating income, and the ten digit franchise valuations, come ... more
  • 4 months George Floyd’s Funeral Was Equal Parts Celebration and Call to Action Houstonpress
    “This is a moment of connectivity,” said Pastor Mia Wright to the crowd assembled to honor the life of Houston’s own George Floyd, a mission statement for the emotional afternoon that lay ahead. “In the tradition of the African American church, this will be a home-going ceremony ... We are ... more
  • 4 months Four Biggest Stories of Bill O’Brien’s First Year as Texans’ GM Houstonpress
    With everything going on in the world over the last few weeks and months, it would be easy to notice that the anniversary of the Texans' firing Brian Gaine after just over a year as general manager of the Houston Texans came and went late last week. What, you didn't ... more
  • 4 months MLB No Closer to Return with New Proposal Houstonpress
    On Monday, Major League Baseball made a new proposal for a pandemic-shortened season, but it appears it is dead on arrival with the players' union. The proposal included 76 games, but with a flat-rate pay cut for players across the board to 50 percent that would increase to 75 percent ... more
  • 4 months Texans Take a Hit With Retirement of Special Teams Coach Brad Seely Houstonpress
    Say what you will about the low approval rating of Bill O'Brien's roster moves as general manager this offseason, but the decisions he's made relative to his coaching staff have been largely met with approval or, at the very least, optimistic intrigue. I think most fans are pleased that someone ... more
  • 4 months Acevedo Brings Forward Family Members in Officer-Involved Shootings to Explain Why No Video Released Houstonpress
    Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has undergone fire from the public as well as media for not releasing body cam footage of the seven officer-involved shootings that have occurred in Houston since April 21, six of which were deadly. In a press conference Saturday, Acevedo along with Mayor Sylvester Turner ... more
  • 4 months HISD Board Hears From Some Very Unhappy People Upset By Cutback in Planned Raises Houstonpress
    Faced with an almost $19 million deficit in its $2 billion budget, Houston ISD administration has jettisoned a recommendation reached by its Joint Compensation Committee, and decided to back away from its plan to give out 1.5 percent raises to teachers and school employees. Under the new plan, district police ... more
  • 4 months Cristobal Falling Apart, Still a Risk for Northern Gulf Houstonpress
    No one can accuse 2020 of not being interesting. The latest, of course, is the artist formerly known as Tropical Storm Cristobal, churning itself ragged over Mexico as this is being written. The early season storm — now a depression — spent most of Thursday over land, weakening it significantly ... more
  • 4 months Thanks to a Confirmed Case of COVID-19, HISD Cancels 6 Meals Sites and All Produce Stops Houstonpress
    Houston ISD Interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan just announced that six curbside summer meals sites have been canceled after a confirmed case of the coronavirus. The silver lining is that health officials do not think that families who came to pick up the food were exposed. "The six summer meals sites ... more
  • 4 months Tropical Storm Cristobal Likely to Threaten Texas/Louisiana, but As What? Houstonpress
    Tropical Storm Cristobal is drifting around just onshore in Mexico south of the Bay of Campeche as of writing this, and the longer it remains over land, the more disorganized it will be when it reemerges later this week. After that time, the forecast models seem in fairly good agreement ... more
  • 4 months Open Wider Texas! Gov. Abbott Announces Phase III Houstonpress
    Saying that many of the new COVID-19 cases are coming from people at nursing homes, meat packing plants and jails, Gov. Abbott announced he was ready to go to Phase II of his reopening plan and that effective immediately, all businesses in Texas are able to operate at up to ... more
  • 4 months NBA Set to Resume With Quirky 22-Team Format Houstonpress
    "We're going to play basketball at the end of July. Everybody knows that. It's going to happen." Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta was pretty direct when being interviewed by CNBC Tuesday. "We're all going to come to terms with this in the next couple of days." Indeed, the league appears poised ... more
  • 4 months Protests Heat Up After the Peaceful March On City Hall For George Floyd Houstonpress
    On Tuesday, after a powerful and peaceful march that attracted what organizers estimated to be 60,000 people in honor of George Floyd, yet another splinter faction of the group flirted with destruction beginning in late afternoon. Houston police chief Art Acevedo was called back to Discovery Green, particularly the intersection of ... more
  • 4 months Four Reasons the Astros Would Benefit From a Drastically Shortened MLB Season Houstonpress
    For the last few weeks, the Major League Baseball owners and players have been carrying out a very public dispute over exactly how to bring their game back from its coronavirus-induced suspension. Unlike the NBA players and owners, whose sport has already played out 80 percent of its regular season, ... more
  • 4 months 60,000 Support George Floyd’s Family On March To City Hall Houstonpress
    Sixty thousand people joined the family of George Floyd as well as elected officials and religious leaders today in a peaceful Houston march from Discovery Green to City Hall organized by rappers and civic activists Trae tha Truth, Bun B, and Floyd's nephew Brandon Williams. Floyd, 46, a native Houstonian ... more
  • 4 months Houston Alert Says Bricks Found, Asks Public To Report Suspicious Activity Houstonpress
    The City of Houston has sent out an alert after finding "several piles of bricks and rocks from several locations in Houston this afternoon." The city's Public Works Department removed the piles. The alert comes as the march in support of Justice 4 George Floyd begins, traveling from Discovery Green ... more
  • 4 months Abbott Urges No Violence; Calls George Floyd Death “Horrific” Houstonpress
    Saying that "what happened to George Floyd is a horrific act of police brutality," Gov. Greg Abbott echoed other leaders throughout the state saying that the violence and vandalism that has accompanied some protests about his death are "overshadowing Floyd's death rather than shining a light on the injustice that occurred." ... more
  • 4 months Four Thoughts on J.J. Watt’s Recent Media Appearances Houstonpress
    Prior to last week, the last time we'd heard anything publicly from Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, aside from a few promotional spots for Ultimate Tag on FOX, was after the team's evisceration at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Thanks for ... more
  • 4 months Tropical Depressions: Three in the Gulf, One to Watch Houstonpress
    Impeachment trials, pandemics, intense protests and riots, murder hornets, even a plague of locusts (yes) have turned 2020 into one for the record books — books we will all want to destroy with fire if we make it through the year — and it's only the beginning of June. But, ... more
  • 4 months City of Houston Facilities in Downtown Closing Early Tuesday As a Result of the George Floyd March Houstonpress
    The Mayor's Office has just announced that all City of Houston facilities in Downtown Houston are scheduled for early closure Tuesday in preparation for the march honoring George Floyd and his family. The march will start at 3 p.m. from Discovery Green and will go to City Hall. It is not ... more
  • 4 months Tuesday’s March Planned to Honor George Floyd and His Family Houstonpress
    Beginning his afternoon press conference Monday with word of two more deaths in the city due to COVID-19, Mayor Sylvester Turner reminded one and all that the coronavirus is still present in Houston and urged participants in the recent marches related to George Floyd's death to take advantage of the ... more
  • 4 months Houston Texans Restructure RG Zach Fulton’s Contract Houstonpress
    As the Texans' 2020 offseason has evolved over the last several weeks, it seems like one of the moves everyone had been waiting for was the release of veteran right guard Zach Fulton, who had two years and a non-guaranteed total of $14 million remaining on his deal. At the very ... more
  • 4 months Opinion: What Bothers You More? George Floyd’s Death or the Riots? Houstonpress
    On September 27, 1966, 60 Minutes aired an interview of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During this interview, Dr. King stated, "I contend that the cry of black power is at bottom a reaction to the reluctance of white power to make the kind of changes necessary to make justice ... more
  • 4 months Five Shot At Large Block Party in Sunnyside This Weekend Houstonpress
    Saturday night, five people were shot outside Greenlight Food Mart in Sunnyside during a neighborhood block party, stated commander Ron Borza of South East Patrol in a press conference early Sunday morning. Reportedly the party had attracted up to 500 people, children's bouncy houses included, though when Houston Police officers ... more
  • 4 months City of Houston Prepares For Saturday Night After Friday’s Protests Took a Bad Turn Houstonpress
    As he attributed most of Friday night's vandalism problems to about 10-20 percent of the participants at the Justice For George Flynn march in Houston, Police Chief Art Acevedo at a 3 p.m. press conference today said officers will be out in force tonight trying to make sure looting and ... more
  • 4 months Houston Protest Over George Floyd’s Death Attracts Hundreds, Remains Mostly Peaceful Houstonpress
    Beginning their march at Discovery Green about 2 p.m. Friday, hundreds of protesters joined by hundreds more along the way, made their way to Houston City Hall to join in nationwide protests about the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody. Coinciding with Friday's march, Derek Chauvin, the ... more
  • 4 months Carmageddon IV: The COVID-ining Houstonpress
    Mountain goats in Wales. Pumas in Santiago. Fox cubs in Toronto. Wild boar in Mumbai. These are just a few of the animals folks around the globe have seen on city streets and highways since coronavirus (temporarily) killed traffic. It's perhaps the only welcome sight in a world on lockdown ... more
  • 4 months Bill O’Brien at Rock Bottom of Odds Board for 2020 NFL Coach of the Year Houstonpress
    It's been a rough offseason for Bill O'Brien's approval rating among Texan fans, and that is largely because of the moves he's made as the team's general manager. When you trade DeAndre Hopkins for a second round pick, when you take on David Johnson's guaranteed contract in full, when every ... more
  • 4 months Chief Acevedo Addresses George Floyd Killing At Hands Of Minneapolis Police Houstonpress
    Wednesday afternoon, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, who is also president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, a professional organization of police executives representing the largest cities in the United States and Canada, held a press conference to discuss police sentiment surrounding the death of Houston native George Floyd that ... more
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