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  • 3 months Trail Riders and Road Closures: Yee Haw for Traffic This Weekend Houstonpress
    Only in Houston can we flood half a city without a single drop of rain. And, naturally, the burst water main that robbed much of Houston of water pressure and forced the closure of HISD and HCC did the most damage to a freeway. Because God knows the one thing ... more
  • 3 months Taking Inventory of the Craziest NFL QB Offseason Cycle Ever Houstonpress
    The National Football League is the king of the team sports landscape right now in nearly every way. Ratings are on the rise again, and a majority of the list of "most viewed" programming on television throughout the year is comprised of NFL games. The Super Bowl is programming mecca ... more
  • 3 months Rockets Continue Roll in Romp Over Grizzlies Houstonpress
    Jonas Valanciunas and his Memphis teammates kept getting rebound after rebound. They crushed the Rockets on the offensive glass 22-9. They shot respectably from the three point line when it mattered and had fewer turnovers. The Rockets still blew them out 140-112 on Wednesday night in Toyota Center, leading by ... more
  • 3 months What Makes The Most Sense For a 17th NFL Regular Season Game? Houstonpress
    It would appear that the NFL's adding a 17th regular season game to the schedule is just a matter of time. An additional game will mean more money for players, lots more money for owners, and more content for everybody in the business — television, radio, web writers, gamblers, the ... more
  • 3 months Four Thoughts on the Rockets Final 25 Games of the Season Houstonpress
    As has been the case over the last few seasons here in Houston, where the Rockets began this season is quite different from where they are with just 25 games remaining before the playoffs. The Rockets have gone deeper into the Daryl Morey and Mike D'Antoni philosophy of threes, free ... more
  • 3 months Texans HC Bill O’Brien To Relinquish Play Calling Duties To Kelly Houstonpress
    The NFL draft combine is under way, so that means the Houston Texans are doing their best to find the next wave of cheap labor for a roster where the salaries for the upper tier talent is in the process of busting at the seams. The Texans' first pick in ... more
  • 3 months Four Astros Training Camp Storylines…Besides the Cheating Houstonpress
    It's been a really, really long offseason despite the fact that the Astros played until literally the last day of the offseason. Obviously the news has been dominated by a series of scandals culminating with the commissioners' report that the Astros cheated. As spring training opened, it only seemed to ... more
  • 3 months J.J. Watt’s Tweet About Proposed CBA Has Many Folks Upset Houstonpress
    AS the NFL combine gets underway this week in Indianapolis, one of the big storylines surrounding the league's annual redraft dog and pony show has nothing (or very little, at least) to do with the NFL Draft. The NFL's owners plan to meet with the NFL Players Association to discuss ... more
  • 3 months The Astros Owe Houston An Apology, Just Not For The Reasons You Think Houstonpress
    To the chagrin of the city of Houston, MLB Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred, and the attention-starved Washington Nationals, the fallout from the Astros' sign-stealing scandal continues, and is actually getting worse, no thanks to the response from the team itself. Owner Bob Crane may have fired manager A.J. Hinch ... more
  • 3 months Tweaks, Apps and New Opportunities at the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Houstonpress
    Striving for more comfort and convenience, the 2020 version of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has added baby stations at multiple locations, tweaked its rideshare drop-offs by moving them to a new spot and for visitors of all ages: added a new tented area with sofas, outlets, and water ... more
  • 3 months XFL Week 3: Roughnecks 34, Vipers 27 — Four Winners, Four Losers Houstonpress
    I have no idea if I'd be saying this if the XFL team here in town wasn't undefeated and power fueled by the most dynamic quarterback-wide receiver combination in the entire league, but so far, so good for the XFL in Houston! On Saturday afternoon, the Houston Roughnecks went on ... more
  • 3 months Road Trips 101: Highway Rules for Long Drives Houstonpress
    For some, road trips are liberating. See the landscape up close. Control your travel and don't worry about flight delays and cramped airplanes. It's not for everyone, obviously, but if you enjoy or think you might like to try a long drive consider this your primer. We will cover everything ... more
  • 3 months Rockets’ New Additions Paying Dividends Already Houstonpress
    Robert Covington stopped with the ball at the top of the key about three feet beyond the arc. He calmly took the shot and drained it. It was one of Covington's five made three pointers in the Rockets 135-105 laugher win over the Golden State Warriors Thuirsday night. Covington, who ... more
  • 3 months Texans Give DT Brandon Dunn New Deal, Watt Clamors To Bring Back Reader Houstonpress
    With the land rush of NFL free agency under a month away, the Houston Texans are working hard to handle internal housecleaning, and bringing back their own free agents that they want to see continue as part of this team's core nucleus and role player fringe. On Wednesday, they brought ... more
  • 3 months Houston Astros Are Still Good At Baseball, Place Eight in MLB Top 100 Houstonpress
    If I had to guess, there won't be any point during the 2020 MLB season where the Astros' sign stealing scandal goes away. It might be placed on the shelf for random periods of a day or two, but it will hang over this team, in some form, all season ... more
  • 3 months Rockets Add Jeff Green, to Sign DeMarre Carroll Houstonpress
    The Rockets did what they have done almost every year for a while now: sign veteran talent during the season. Names as varied as Austin Rivers, Gerald Green, Joe Johnson and Michael Beasley have made their way onto the roster in midseason. On Tuesday, they inked veteran swingman Jeff Green ... more
  • 3 months Why Some Brown Girls Don’t Fight Back Houstonpress
    What we teach our kids is based on our values, our history, our experiences, and the world we live in. Teaching little girls to fight, as our own Jef Rouner recently suggested, is a response to the active threats that they will get all their life and makes sense in ... more
  • 3 months Oddsmakers Place Odds On Most Frequent Astro Targets For Beanballs Houstonpress
    There's really no playbook for the processing of the Astros' sign stealing scandal by opposing teams and fan bases. The previous "biggest MLB scandal of our lives" was the overabundance of steroid abuse back in the late' 90s and early 2000s, but the targets of fan scorn in that case ... more
  • 3 months Astros’ Martes Suspended a Full Season for PED Use Houstonpress
    As if the Astros needed anything else controversial to deal with, the team announced Monday that pitcher Francis Martes has been suspended 162 games for the use of a performance-enhancing drug, in this case something called Boldenone. This is the 24-year-old's second offense in two seasons. In 2019, he got an ... more
  • 3 months Translating Deshaun Watson’s Twitter Shout Out To Roughnecks’ QB P.J. Walker Houstonpress
    The second version of Vince McMahon's XFL is off to a pretty impressive start. The quality of football is decent enough, the television production is predictably top notch, and we all have one more thing to gamble on throughout the month of February, which is historically a painfully light gambling ... more
  • 3 months Four Improvements to Make the Rockets a Legit Contender Houstonpress
    After a perfectly bizarre All-Star weekend, the Rockets are back in gear Thursday night against the Warriors. The figurative second half was good to the Rockets last season as they narrowly missed the second seed on the final day of the season. In 2020, they are battling for legitimacy among ... more
  • 3 months Shipping Dogs Out of State to a Better Life or Hell. Who Knows? Houstonpress
    For more than a year, a Huntsville-based animal rescue group has been picking up dogs from municipal shelters in and around Houston and sending them to a Connecticut shelter with a history of animal cruelty. According to one source close to the operation, the Texas dogs transported along this route ... more
  • 3 months Four Worst Out of Market Responses To the Houston Astros’ Cheating Scandal Houstonpress
    The 2017 Houston Astros cheated, a LOT, throughout the regular season and, seemingly less so, in the post season. This has been established, admitted to, and (to varying degrees of sincerity) apologized for. These are immutable facts that nobody in Houston is running away from. Most everyone associated with the ... more
  • 4 months Four Ways the Astros Can Win Back Houston Fans Houstonpress
    The Astros opened spring training with a rather bizarre display of canned apologies from star players and team owner Jim Crane. Things improved in the club house where players dispensed with the script and gave honest responses to questions — as honest as they could be given the circumstances. Overall, ... more
  • 4 months Four Thoughts On the Houston Astros’ Apology Fiasco Houstonpress
    Jim Crane promised us this day would come. Back on January 13, shortly after the Astros' owner got done terminating the Astro careers of manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow (which came shortly after the commissioner of baseball had suspended both men for failing to stop the Astros' ... more
  • 4 months Houston Texans Place Three Players In Pro Football Focus 101 Houstonpress
    The time for NFL roster reshaping will be upon us very, very soon. The NFL Draft Combine begins at the end of the month, free agency starts on March 16, and the 2020 NFL Draft will come the following month. I love the upcoming time of year, because it's shopping ... more
  • 4 months Four In-House Solutions For The Astros To Replicate 2019 Houstonpress
    Being an Astros fan over the last month or so has not been easy. Starting with the January 13 announcement by owner Jim Crane that GM Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch would be fired, it's been hard to find a safe haven from the criticism of the team and ... more
  • 4 months Former Houston Texans In The XFL, Week 1 Summary Houstonpress
    The reviews are in for the first week of XFL action, and they are largely very good. The quality of football appears to be more than adequate, the presentation is professional and high level, and the league's format and place on the landscape lends itself to highly competitive, highly motivated ... more
  • 4 months Houston Doesn’t Care What You Think Houstonpress
    The Astros continue to be mired deeply within a shocking and awful cheating scandal. The Rockets have not only gone all in on small ball, but they feature two of the most surprisingly unliked superstars in James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Despite the excellence on the court and the diamond, ... more
  • 4 months Four Reasons the XFL Has a Chance To Be Successful In Houston Houstonpress
    If you were sad to see the end to the NFL season last weekend, not because of the outcome of the game, but because of the thought of several months until competitive NFL football is on the radar again, the XFL is counting on enough of you just wanting football ... more
  • 4 months The Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Will Probably Not be Your Second Choice Houstonpress
    Now that the Democratic nomination process is actually into the voting portion of the contest, the field is getting winnowed down considerably. As the hard numbers roll in, a lot of people are starting to dream of their favorite candidate at least sharing the ticket, with some version of Sens ... more
  • 4 months 4 Reasons Tillman Fertitta Is Not Cheap Houstonpress
    There has been an undercurrent of anger among diehard Rockets fans about owner Tillman Fertitta. The narrative goes something like, "He is too cheap to be willing to pay the luxury tax and, as a result, the team is suffering." For those who aren't aware, the NBA has a weird, ... more
  • 4 months Current or Former Houston Texans With a Chance at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Houstonpress
    As part of the annual tradition of Super Bowl weekend, the Pro Football Hall of Fame committee announced their Class of 2020. From a semifinalist list of 25, they cut the list down to ten finalists and arrived at these five names: With the franchise now almost twenty years old, ... more
  • 4 months Rockets Go (Sm)all In with Trade of Clint Capela: Four Thoughts Houstonpress
    Of course it would be Rockets GM Daryl Morey and his former protege, Minnesota GM Gerson Rosas, who would pull off one of the largest and most complicated deals in NBA history. The trade, which included 12 players and four teams — for Rockets fan purposes — sends Clint Capela ... more
  • 4 months Six Most Intriguing Players on the XFL’s Houston Roughnecks Houstonpress
    If you're a fan of the National Football League, football ended a few days ago in Miami. However, if you're just a fan of professional football in any form, then you're getting a ten week bridge to the NFL Draft and the Texans' minicamp and OTA's. Say hello to the ... more
  • 4 months Ranking the NFL Teams That Must Say Yes to Hard Knocks Houstonpress
    It's always fun to think back to the summer of 2015, when the cameras and crews from HBO and NFL Films descended upon Houston to give us some of the best insight we've ever had to the Houston Texans' operations. Given how central Rick Smith and others were to that ... more
  • 4 months Astros Hire James Click to Be New General Manager Houstonpress
    The Houston Astros announced on Monday they have signed Tampa Bay Rays Vice President of Baseball Operations, James Click, as their new general manager to replace Jeff Luhnow who was fired in the wake of the sign-stealing scandal. The announcement comes quickly on the heels of the signing of Dusty ... more
  • 4 months “Don’t California My Texas” is So Stupid Houstonpress
    “Don’t California my Texas!” If you hang out on news outlet Facebook pages you have probably seen this statement any time a story about Texas becoming Blue shows up. Down in the comment sections, a never-ending horde of middle-aged white people, many of them holding fish in their profile pics ... more
  • 4 months Super Bowl LIV, 49ers-Chiefs — Four Winners, Four Losers Houstonpress
    After 256 regular season games, and 11 more in the postseason, the 2019 NFL season has come to an end, and now our long offseason nightmare sans football — sorry, XFL, sans NFL FOOTBALL — begins for the next several months. The Kansas City Chiefs are the champions of the ... more
  • 4 months Rockets Need a 2019 Finish in 2020 Houstonpress
    Last season, the Rockets were 26-20 before finishing off the season 27-9. This season, they are ahead of last year's pace after beating New Orleans on Sunday to up their record to 31-18. But, it has felt a lot like the 2018-2019 season with injury issues and some underwhelming performances ... more
  • 4 months Streaming Services Need a Random Episode Button Houstonpress -Movies
    The great thing about the streaming age is that nearly everything is available at our fingertips. The terrible thing about the streaming age is that nearly everything is available at our fingertips. We desperately need a random episode button on streaming services. Like a lot of adults in their late ... more
  • 4 months Report Card: J.J. Watt, Host of Saturday Night Live Houstonpress
    I'm 1,000 percent certain that J.J. Watt would have much rather been in Miami this past weekend, preparing for Super Bowl LIV as a player, than in New York City making the NBC rounds, but if you're not going to play in the Super Bowl, short of taking home a ... more
  • 4 months Carmageddon 4: The West Loop-ening Houstonpress
    Just when you thought it was safe to go to the Galleria... For the past few months, there have been some inconveniences along the West Loop as the work on not only the new rapid bus lane was being completed, but the initial construction on the rebuilding of one of ... more
  • 4 months Four Intriguing Things About Super Bowl LIV, Game Prediction Houstonpress
    It is Friday of Super Bowl week, so we are finally here. Forty eight hours (depending on exactly when you're reading this) away from what should be a fascinating matchup, in large part because I'm confident these are truly the two best teams in football — Patrick Mahomes and the ... more
  • 4 months Astros Officially Name Dusty Baker Manager Houstonpress
    As expected, the Astros on Wednesday evening named veteran manager Dusty Baker as the successor to A.J. Hinch as the skipper for the ballclub. Baker, 70, will be the winningest active manager in baseball when he opens spring training in a couple weeks. With tremendous scrutiny on the Astros in ... more
  • 4 months Who Will Be the Houston Texans’ Next First Time Pro Bowler? Houstonpress
    This past weekend, the NFL held its annual assembly of top tier talent that (a) isn't playing in the Super Bowl and (b) feels like playing football on a weekend off. Yes, the Pro Bowl took place in Orlando, with the AFC winning 38-33 in a game where the most ... more
  • 4 months Best Of Houston® 2020: Best Category We Forgot Houstonpress
    Best Category We Forgot: Best Spa - Bare Necessities Spa & Boutique Over the years, Bare Necessities has won many awards, including from the Houston Press. So it was no special surprise when our readers in the Readers' Choice portion of this year's Best Of Houston®, picked Best Spa as ... more
  • 4 months Houston Texans Housecleaning Continues, Numerous Staffers Fired Houstonpress
    The corporate kill count for the Bill O'Brien Era regime over on Kirby Drive continues to pile up. While the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers make final preparations to play in Super Bowl LIV this Sunday, the Houston Texans continue to chop heads, presumably in an effort to ... more
  • 4 months Dusty Baker the Right Choice for the Astros…Right Now Houstonpress
    On Tuesday, it was widely reported that veteran manager Dusty Baker would take over for the Astros after the firing of A.J. Hinch in the wake of the sign stealing scandal. Baker is a three-time manager of the year and considered a steady hand with veteran players. He most recently ... more
  • 4 months Crane Must Weigh Astros Manager, GM Choices Carefully Houstonpress
    The number of candidates interviewed for both top managerial positions vacated when Astros owner Jim Crane fired A.J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow in the wake of the sign-stealing scandal continues to rise. In the days since the startling revelations released in baseball's punishment of both now former Astros, quite the ... more
  • 4 months Will Fuller Undergoes Successful Sports Hernia Surgery Houstonpress
    With the death of Kobe Bryant dominating the news cycle over the last couple days, and rightfully so, there are still a few nuggets to catch up on from over the weekend. The various wheels are in motion on the NFL offseason, with the Senior Bowl over the weekend and ... more
  • 4 months WWE’s Royal Rumble Hits Minute Maid Park Houstonpress
    The spotlight panned over to a row of Porta Potties as the crowd in the Minute Maid Park jumped to their feet to get a better look at the fight happening outside the ring. The “Falls Count Anywhere” match at the 33rd edition of WWE’s Royal Rumble gave the crowd ... more
  • 4 months Kobe Bryant Dominated Everyone, Including the Rockets Houstonpress
    As was reported Sunday morning, legendary NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were killed in a tragic helicopter crash in California, which claimed the lives of Bryant, his child and seven others. The news stunned athletes and fans around the world leading the NBA to briefly consider ... more
  • 4 months Texans Safety Justin Reid Announces Successful Shoulder Surgery on Instagram Houstonpress
    The last couple weeks have not been easy on Houston sports fans. The Texans finished their season with an embarrassing, historical forfeiture of a lead in a playoff game, becomes the only team to lose a 20-plus point lead and actually lose the game by 20-plus points on the final ... more
  • 4 months Worlds Collide When NXT Touches Down at The Toyota Center Houstonpress
    The crowd in the Toyota Center rose to their feet as the members of Undisputed Era and Imperium stood opposite each other in the center of the ring. The two groups hyped up the audience but at this point it didn’t take much to get the WWE fans to react ... more
  • 4 months Evaluating Texans’ Track Record at Addressing Offseason Issues Houstonpress
    The Houston Texans have their fair share of problems. Always have, and this week, despite the fact that some of the moves they made led to the response "OK, so when is O'Brien going to do something about O'BRIEN," they DID do things to try to address the issues that ... more
  • 4 months A Teacher Facing the New Reality After a Student’s Death at Bellaire High School Houstonpress
    I’m a high school teacher and last week the fear of every teacher in the United States came to pass at my school. On Tuesday, January 14 as Bellaire High School was being dismissed, Cesar Cortes, a 19-year-old senior, was accidentally shot by a classmate and shortly died at the ... more
  • 4 months All Girls Should Learn Jiu Jitsu In a Rape Culture World Houstonpress
    One of my most popular pieces of all time was called “Teach Your Daughters to Hit People Who Touch Them,” but I have to confess that I no longer actually tell her to hit people. I tell her to put them on the ground. Hard. That’s why I enrolled her ... more
  • 4 months J.J. Watt To Host Saturday Night Live on February 1 Houstonpress
    For his first five seasons in the NFL, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt played in every game, 80 in all, and won three Defensive Player of the Year awards. In the process, he became one of the biggest crossover stars in the NFL and all of sports, landing spots in ... more
  • 4 months Four Reasons the Houston Astros are MLB’s Face of Cheating Houstonpress
    We are a little over a week removed from the announcement of Major League Baseball's punishment for the Houston Astros, a lashing that was compounded with the firings of manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow by owner Jim Crane. It's been fascinating watching the city go through the ... more
  • 4 months Best of Houston® 2020: Best Bowling Alley Houstonpress
    Best Bowling Alley: Bowlmor Bowling alleys have gotten mighty fancy over the last decade with gourmet food and cocktails. Thankfully, there are also some tried and true alleys for real bowlers like Bowlmor. You can still get good food and drink in a VIP area even, and their recent renovations ... more
  • 4 months The Aaron Hernandez Documentary — Four Winners, Four Losers Houstonpress
    If you're into visual content — television shows, movies, documentaries — you are living in a truly golden age. The ease and portability of consumption from anywhere, along with the wide open spaces for competition among content providers in the cable and streaming realms have yielded some truly amazing products ... more
  • 4 months Rockets Faltering at Midway Point Need a Dose of “Spirit” Houstonpress
    Coach Mike D'Antoni is fond of mentioning the need for his players to play with great spirit. It is roughly the equivalent of effort and energy combined. The good teams have it. The bad teams don't. As the Rockets passed the halfway point of the season on Monday night teetering ... more
  • 4 months Best of Houston® 2020: Best Place to Buy Plants Houstonpress
    Best Place to Buy Plants: Buchanan's Native Plants With a passion for native Texas species, Buchanan's is one of the most unique nurseries in the city. From vegetables for all seasons to trees and borders, they have it along with everything you need to keep your garden healthy and beautiful ... more
  • 4 months Shakeup on Kirby: Crennel Out, Weaver In As Defensive Coordinator Houstonpress
    Well, there is one thing you can say about the Bill O'Brien Era — it's never dull. Just a week after the Texans' season ended in embarrassing fashion, in a 51-31 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Bill O'Brien and Executive Vice President Jack Easterby began their annual facelift of ... more
  • 4 months Brutal Week in Houston Sports: 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    Last week, I did my regular Monday morning sports segment on Houston Matters (KUHF 88.7 FM). But, before my spot, I joined a panel of enthusiasts to discuss the most important moments in Houston sports history. Given that long, storied and often depressing legacy, it shouldn't come as a surprise ... more
  • 4 months Houston Texans 2021 Super Bowl Odds Reflect Franchise’s Fragile State Houstonpress
    I love gambling, I love looking at futures odds, and I love using that data as the basis for sound analysis. You can learn a lot by following the money. I just wish I didn't have to follow this particular money in the latter half of January. We are about ... more
  • 5 months Comic Nick Pruher Loved The ’90s – And Has The VHS Tapes To Prove It Houstonpress -Movies
    “It’s our life’s work. I think [our collection] has grown to 1600 tapes now, and those are just the good ones – so it’s pretty staggering.” ... more
  • 6 months A Very Filthy Christmas: John Waters Is Coming to Town Houstonpress -Movies
    Every year, like clockwork, there are signs of the upcoming holiday season. It can be something as subtle as a mailbox overflowing with junk mail to the giant bows atop of fancy shopping centers. John Waters and his annual Christmas show can be added to the list of indicators that ... more
  • 7 months Celebrate Cowboy Culture and Apollo 11 With Houston Cinema Arts Festival Houstonpress -Movies
    Roll out the red carpet because luminaries from the world of cinema are heading to the Bayou City as Houston Cinema Arts Festival takes over ten area venues this month. Bun B is even in the mix; the multi-talented hip-hop artist is a board member for organizer Houston Cinema Arts ... more
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