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  • 4 months Houston ISD Board Members Caught on Camera in a Toxic Team Building Retreat Houstonpress
    We knew they didn't get along. Anyone watching one of the Houston ISD's school board meetings in the last year could tell you that. Even after a public apology for their inability to work together in a civil manner, certain trustees haven't been able to resist the urge to unload ... more
  • 4 months The Easy Fix To Make This the Best NBA All-Star Game Ever Houstonpress
    The 68th edition of the NBA All-Star Game is coming up on Sunday, February 17, but perhaps even more highly anticipated than the game itself is the second edition of the playground-style draft of all of the players named to the All-Star team, which this year will be, thankfully, televised ... more
  • 4 months Facebook’s Four Most Annoying Commenter Behaviors Houstonpress
    From privacy issues to Russian propaganda, Facebook hasn't exactly been the most popular social media entity lately. But, still millions of people visit it regularly to catch up on friend gossip, post pictures of their dinners and wish relative strangers happy birthday. For all the knocks it has taken, Facebook ... more
  • 4 months Super Bowl LIII: Patriots 13, Rams 3 — 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    In the eight Super Bowls prior to last night in which the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick combination participated, the largest margin of victory for either side, the Pats or the opposition, had been eight points, and that was last season when the Eagles and Nick Foles knocked off New England. So ... more
  • 4 months Weather Week: Spring Weather Continues Houstonpress
    It's the first week in February and the weather in Houston as per usual unpredictable. A low pressure system moved through the region over the weekend leaving the area gray, cloudy and pretty damp. Only moderate amounts of rain fell, but it was a pretty gross few days especially given ... more
  • 4 months Texans To Promote TE Coach Tim Kelly to Offensive Coordinator Houstonpress
    For a head coach who won nine games in a row at one point this past season, and led his team to an 11-5 record, Bill O'Brien has, at best, an odd relationship with the Houston Texans fan base. I suppose a 1-3 career record in the postseason is an ... more
  • 5 months Five Good Prop Bets For Super Bowl LIII Houstonpress
    It's almost here, just two days away. It's Super Bowl LIII, or as I like to call it "Christmas Day for degenerate gamblers." There is no more gambled upon event each year than the Super Bowl, with an estimated $6 billion slated to be wagered this year, and that number ... more
  • 5 months Reviews For The Easily Distracted: Miss Bala Houstonpress -Movies
    Miss Bala might have succeeded if Hardwicke and company had leaned into the weirdness of the premise or done anything to deviate from the depressingly linear plot. ... more
  • 5 months Carmageddon Again This Weekend on Houston Area Freeways Houstonpress
    When you think about major traffic on Houston's freeways, there are a few spots that always seem to come to mind. Two of the absolute worst are a pair of interchanges: I-45/I-69/288 and 610/I-69. They have always been mind-numbingly catastrophic. One, a tangled mess of merging lanes going seemingly every ... more
  • 5 months Houston Texans: It’s Been An Interesting Week For The Coaching Staff Houstonpress
    Back in my pre-rado days, when I was out there on the streets selling some super dope telecom services, and I was promoted into a management position for the first time, I was given this piece of advice by my new boss, who was the Vice President of Sales for ... more
  • 5 months Ranking the Rockets Five Worst Losses of the Season Houstonpress
    On Tuesday night, the Rockets did the nearly unthinkable. They lost at home to a New Orleans team beset by injury and just days after their best player, Anthony Davis, demanded a trade. As one person pointed out on Twitter, a Pelicans team with Jrue Holiday and a group of ... more
  • 5 months Weekend Weather: Spring Invades Winter Houstonpress
    The first part of the week was rather chilly with temperatures staying mostly in the 50s and clouds building in towards the middle of the week. While other parts of the country are dealing with a polar vortex and plummeting temperatures, we are about to get decidedly warmer around here ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Category We Forgot Houstonpress
    Best Category We Forgot — Hair Salon By an overwhelming margin, the Houston Press Readers' Choice voters thought the No. 1 category we forgot was Hair Salon. And in almost identical numbers they said Salon Meyerland should be the recipient of that honor. We'll make sure to get hair salon ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Grocery Store Houstonpress
    Best Grocery Store: H-E-B at Bunker Hill Restaurants. Breweries. It’s a miracle no one has tried putting a waterslide in a grocery store yet, as eager as some companies are to try and make them destinations to visit instead of places we go out of necessity. You won’t find any ... more
  • 5 months Technology Privacy Issues Worse Than You Think, but Not the Way You Imagine Houstonpress
    We read about a new privacy breach involving technology virtually every day. Some company's accounting system was hacked. Another had their email lists breached. Facebook services ads you don't want and offers your messages content to vendors. Then, on Monday, it was widely reported that a bug in the Apple ... more
  • 5 months Astros Hall of Fame Highlights Our Shared History Houstonpress
    The Astros announced last week their intention to build a team Hall of Fame inside Minute Maid Park. When completed, it will be a long overdue nod to the tremendous history of Houston's professional baseball franchise. More generally, it's another acknowledgement of the long and fascinating history of the city ... more
  • 5 months Ranking The Five Teams Who Can’t Refuse Doing HBO’s Hard Knocks Houstonpress
    It's hard to believe that this coming summer's season of HBO's award-winning NFL training camp series Hard Knocks will mark four years since the NFL Films folks were infiltrating NRG Stadium and the city of Houston to chronicle every move of the Houston Texans in the summer of 2015. It seems ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Radio Station Houstonpress
    Best Radio Station: ESPN 97.5 Terrestrial music radio may be holding on by a thread thanks to streaming, but talk radio, particularly sports talk radio, continues to thrive. And perhaps there is no better story than that of Gow Media, the local company that started out with 1560 AM The ... more
  • 5 months Rockets In-Season Acquisitions Paying Dividends Beyond Injury Help Houstonpress
    In four games since joining the Rockets center Kenneth Faried is averaging 14 points and 9 rebounds. That is essentially double his output for the rest of the season with Brooklyn. Austin Rivers is averaging 11 points and 3.5 assists in his 17 games with the Rockets compared to 7 ... more
  • 5 months Five Matchups That Will Define Super Bowl LIII Houstonpress
    Last season, the only matchup that mattered for me at the Super Bowl was the subzero Minneapolis weather versus my nasty sinus infection. Well, it ain't exactly tropical here in Atlanta this week — snow is expected tomorrow... in Georgia... SNOW! — but it's freaking paradise compared to the Twin ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Radio News Houstonpress
    Best Radio News: News 88.7 FM It's not even close really. When it comes to news reporting on the radio in Houston, the absolute gold standard is Houston Public Media, the team of reporters and on-air news personalities for Houston NPR affiliate KUHF 88.7 FM. It's no wonder they have repeatedly ... more
  • 5 months Several Houston Police Officers Have Been Shot [UPDATED] Houstonpress
    Five Houston police officers serving a warrant in Southeast Houston were shot this afternoon and are being taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, police have reported. According to a tweet from Houston Police Chief Art Aceveo, several Houston police officers have been shot. He was proceeding to Memorial Hermann. ... more
  • 5 months Five Ways METRO Can Improve Transit Through Rail Houstonpress
    METRO has been working on a long-term $7.5 billion plan that will re-shape transit in the Houston area over the next 20 years and it is asking for the input of Houstonians. Funny they should ask, because we've been talking about this sort of thing for quite some time. In ... more
  • 5 months Five Super Bowl LIII Storylines With Ties To the Houston Texans Houstonpress
    So you're a Houston Texans fan, and for the seventeenth time in the history of your fandom, you're getting ready to watch a Super Bowl that doesn't include your favorite team participating. It's a shame, and hopefully, that will be remedied someday. With Deshaun Watson as your quarterback, your chances ... more
  • 5 months Weather Week: Cold and Dry Ahead of Warmer, Wetter Weather Houstonpress
    This past weekend brought some pretty magnificent weather. It was a bit on the chilly side, but the sun was out and it was pretty lovely overall. This week promises more of the same for the first half of the week with clouds gathering toward the weekend. Monday will be ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Sports Fans Houstonpress
    Best Sports Fans: Houston Astros Fans It was not always easy to be a fan of the Houston Astros. There were those years where Minute Maid Park felt like a tomb and baseball felt like an elaborate pre-show for a fireworks display. But even in the most dreadful of seasons, ... more
  • 5 months Houston Highway Construction At DEFCON 1 This Weekend Houstonpress
    Strap yourselves in drivers. On second thought, don't strap yourselves in. Stay at home. Ride a bike. Take a walk. If you do have to drive, assume every freeway in Houston is filled with mutant zombies hell bent on eating your brains. May as well be considering the level of ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Dash Houstonpress
    Best Dash: Kealia Ohai An all star since her high school days in Utah and as part of the North Carolina Tar Heels 2012 champion team, Houston Dash forward Kealia Ohai made it to the Houston Dash as the second overall pick in the 2014 college draft. A scoring leader ... more
  • 5 months Five James Harden Myths Debunked Houstonpress
    For the second straight year, James Harden is clearly the MVP of the NBA. With all due respect to the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Harden is performing, especially on offense, at a level we haven't seen since before the merger. He is breaking or matching records that were set more than ... more
  • 5 months Will DeAndre Hopkins Make the NFL’s All-Decade Team? Houstonpress
    As "highest honors" go, the NFL's All-Decade team is, in a strange way, simultaneously significant and flawed. It's significant in that, if you're one of the 53 players to receive the honor, it's undoubtedly a feather in your cap when it comes time for conversations about the Hall of Fame ... more
  • 5 months Weather Weekend: Winter is Here for a While Houstonpress
    The cycle of warming followed by a stout cold front and much cooler temperatures behind it continued this week. We had almost spring-like day on Tuesday with warm and muggy conditions. But that changed rapidly overnight. A cold front brought with it a fairly strong line of storms that dropped ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Beach Houstonpress
    Best Beach: Surfside Beach It's not particularly fancy, that's for sure. And if you're looking for a lot of other things to do, it probably isn't the best choice. But if you just want to hang out in a place that probably doesn't look all that different from previous decades, ... more
  • 5 months Re-grading Texans GM Brian Gaine’s 2018 Offseason and In-Season Moves Houstonpress
    As off-seasons go, this one should more closely resemble what Houston Texans general manager Brian Gaine will become accustomed to during what is hopefully a long and successful reign as the architect of this franchise's roster. Last offseason was short on both resources and time, as the team was lacking ... more
  • 5 months Four Ways to Make Officiating Better Houstonpress
    New Orleans has, in recent years, become a remarkably safe place. That stands somewhat in contrast to years when crime levels were high in the Crescent City. In those days, fans streaming into the Superdome might have been concerned about being robbed on their way to see the Saints. On ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Spay/Neuter Clinic Houstonpress
    Best Best Spay/Neuter Clinic: Snap Spay-Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinic You can call them specialists. This isn't the place to take an injured animal but if you want competent, low-cost animal spay and neuter services (and basic wellness services), Snap Spay-Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinic is the place to go. As its ... more
  • 5 months Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson Named To 2019 Pro Bowl Houstonpress
    Ideally, down the road, Deshaun Watson will be named to several Pro Bowls as one of the actual three best quarterbacks in the AFC, and even more ideally, he will not have to play in said Pro Bowls, because the Houston Texans are playing in the Super Bowl the following ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Computer Store Houstonpress
    Best Computer Store: Micro Center Sure you can order what you what online and with Amazon Prime get that monitor or keyboard to you really quickly. But often you need to go to a physical address, look at all the choices firsthand and be guided by people who know what ... more
  • 5 months NFL Playoffs, Conference Title Games: 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    All week long, I was positive, emphatic even, in taking the two home teams in the AFC and NFC title games. The trend was my friend, and the trend I'm talking about was the stretch of five postseasons in a row where the home team won straight up in both ... more
  • 5 months Weather Week: Short Warm Up Before Cold Returns Houstonpress
    Houston's first freezing weather this year set in over the weekend with temperatures dipping to at or slightly below the freezing mark early Sunday morning, just in time for the Houston Marathon. Fortunately, it was followed by some spectacular sunshine with highs in the low 50s. We will have a ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Astro Houstonpress
    Best Astro: Justin Verlander In all of the injury and offensive struggles for a remarkably good 103-win Astros team, there was always a single constant in ace Justin Verlander. He led the American League in strikeouts and quality starts, and was second in innings pitched. He was also tops in ... more
  • 5 months NFL Playoffs, Conference Title Games: This Weekend’s Best Bets Houstonpress
    And then, there were four! Yes, after 256 regular season games and eight more playoff games, we are down to the conference title games in the NFL, and while the lack of upsets last weekend in the divisional round continued to pillage and plunder my prognosticating winning percentage —- seriously, ... more
  • 5 months Diana Davila Elected President of the HISD Board But Not Without a Challenge Houstonpress
    With all their declarations about working together and setting aside their differences, trustees of the Houston ISD didn't seem all that warm and cuddly Thursday night when they voted in their new officers for the year. Diana Davila, who's been on and off the board and back again, was elected ... more
  • 5 months 7 Best Bets This Weekend in Houston: Trees, Titans and a Turkish Music Fest Houstonpress -Movies
    We've got seven reasons why staying home this weekend is a really bad idea. Find sophisticated culture with the Houston Iranian Film Festival and the Turkish Music Festival; court intrigue with Company OnStage's Becket, or the Honour of God; an afternoon block party, courtesy of MATCH; and a historic tour ... more
  • 5 months Disengage, Disable or Delete: Which Choice is Right for Abandoning Social Media? Houstonpress
    There are plenty of good reasons to leave social media in the dust. From the amount of time it can take up to the toxic nature of posts to the privacy concerns, there are many people who have decided to cut the cord from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others in ... more
  • 5 months Reviews For The Easily Distracted: Glass Houstonpress -Movies
    And if the stakes are somewhat less dramatic than saving the world from Steppenwolf or Canned Heat or Jethro Tull or whatever, the consequences are just as dire. Perhaps more so. ... more
  • 5 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Mechanic Houstonpress
    Best Mechanic — Robert Zaharatos, Dennis Auto Service Center Come for the auto repair and maintenance but stay for deep conversations about philosophy and a hefty collection of coffee table books. You'll experience honest, no-nonsense workmanship from mechanic Robert Zaharatos and his team in the bays out back and, while ... more
  • 5 months Early Super Bowl Odds For Next Season Show Reduced Faith in Houston Texans Houstonpress
    This time a year ago, the Houston Texans were one of the bigger mysteries in the National Football League. Deshaun Watson's season had ended with an ACL tear after six scintillating starts, J.J. Watt's future was very much up in the air, and the dust was just settling on Bill ... more
  • 5 months Rockets Lose House, Gain Euro Player Nunnally and Maybe a Recovered Gordon Houstonpress
    The Rockets revolving carousel of players continues. Already without Chris Paul (hamstring), Eric Gordon (knee) and Clint Capela (thumb), they added another casualty on Tuesday in surprising young forward Danuel House. But, it wasn't an injury that cost them their starter, but stalled contract negotiations. House was playing on a ... more
  • 6 months On the Basis of Sex Shrewdly Makes RBG Into a Feminist Jimmy Stewart Houstonpress -Movies
    Leder’s film mostly devotes itself to the future Supreme Court justice’s first world-shaking sex discrimination case, 1972’s Moritz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue: Ginsburg and her husband ... argued against a discriminatory statute before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ... more
  • 6 months Upcoming Documentary on Houston’s Music Scene to Host Fundraiser Show at White Oak Music Hall Houstonpress -Movies
    In early 2018, Dark Spark Rays band member James Lino had an idea; he wanted to make a documentary film that would highlight Houston’s indie rock scene. After approaching filmmaker Gavin Wegener to discuss how to bring the project to life, they began filming Outside of Austin in Summer 2018 ... more
  • 6 months 10 Movies to Look Forward to in Early 2019 Houstonpress -Movies
    The January, February and March months of 2019 are already boasting a strong slate, with U.S. distribution of international festival favorites along with welcome returns of first-rate genre filmmakers like M. Night Shyamalan and Jordan Peele ... more
  • 6 months Top 10 TV Shows of 2018 Houstonpress -Movies
    It was a terrible year in so many ways, but onscreen, with shows including Sharp Objects, My Brilliant Friend, Better Call Saul, The Americans and Atlanta, it sparkled ... more
  • 6 months Top 10 Films of 2018 Houstonpress -Movies
    The art houses and Drafthouses again pull more than their fair share of the burden of quality, but my No. 2 (and many people’s No. 1) is a straight-up Netflix production, already available to watch on your phone ... more
  • 6 months The Houston Press Picks For Best Movies Of 2018 Houstonpress -Movies
    I'm going to drop a top 10 list on you (in no particular order), and you're going to disagree with some or all of my choices. This will seem like a big deal until you realize all art is subjective and you should just lighten up. ... more
  • 6 months A Toast to 2018, the Year Movies Roared Back Houstonpress -Movies
    The movie experiences I treasure most from this year found me sharing moments and laughs and tears with strangers who, just before and after the house lights dimmed, I might have been arguing with on Twitter ... more
  • 6 months Welcome to Marwen Crashes Into the Limits of Hollywood’s Imagination Houstonpress -Movies
    At times, as it dissolves between scenes of its cast as literal toy dolls machine-gunning Nazis in the made-up Belgian town of Marwen, Zemeckis’ movie seems an inquisition into the limits of the director’s own imagination ... more
  • 6 months Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk Does James Baldwin Proud Houstonpress -Movies
    Baldwin’s central story, dialogue and time-jumping narrative structure are all in place, but so, too, is a sumptuous visual style that serves to deepen the novelist’s themes of racial injustice and the powerful countering force of love ... more
  • 6 months Beyond Roma: Here Are 4 Other New Netflix Films as Good as Anything in Theaters Houstonpress -Movies
    Hollywood now begrudgingly must honor a company committed to upending the business model of theatrical distribution, but it’s hard to gainsay Netflix’s strategy in this instance ... more
  • 6 months Vice Can’t Make Sense of Dick Cheney, but It Can Give You a Headache Houstonpress -Movies
    Don’t look to Vice for psychology or even a sense of presence; McKay uses the Cheneys’ grim unknowability as an excuse not to bother going for either ... more
  • 6 months Ben Is Back Pits a Dazzling Julia Roberts Against the Opioid Scourge Houstonpress -Movies
    With the quickest blink or nervy glance, Roberts communicates to us both what her character, an ordinary woman named Holly Burns, has convinced everyone around her to think she’s feeling but also all of her secret doubts, fury and anguish ... more
  • 6 months Aquaman Proves Superheroes Are Better Down Where It’s Wetter Houstonpress -Movies
    Not incidental to Aquaman’s pleasures is its vision of a mixed-race hero, played by a mixed-race actor, fighting to protect and understand clashing aspects of his heritage ... more
  • 6 months Emily Blunt Rules, and Mary Poppins Returns Is Not at All Atrocious Houstonpress -Movies
    True to the spirit of the chipper, somewhat aimless live-action Disney day killers that inspired it, Rob Marshall’s Mary Poppins Returns gets better the further it wanders from its actual story. ... more
  • 6 months Cities Roll, Fight and Eat Each Other in the Otherwise Meh Mortal Engines Houstonpress -Movies
    The film plays as if a three-hour epic has been sliced down to size in the editing, but only the scenes establishing character and context have been cut ... more
  • 6 months In Mary Queen of Scots, Great Women Face Hard Truths About Wielding Power Houstonpress -Movies
    The actresses share only one scene in the film, but Mary Queen of Scots sets them up in counterpoint, two divergent approaches to the question of how women who wield power can actually govern the men around them ... more
  • 6 months With Mowgli, Netflix Has Its First Blockbuster Houstonpress -Movies
    This time, though, the lessons are urgent, the jungle threatened by man, the wicked tiger Shere Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) a true terror vowing to one day taste that boy’s blood ... more
  • 6 months Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma Is a Masterpiece of Memory Houstonpress -Movies
    The writer-director shot Roma in chronological order, without showing the cast the script, unveiling it to the actors the same way it is for the audience, piece by piece, a chance to marinate in each moment as it plays out ... more
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