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  • 9 months NFL Playoffs, Conference Title Games: 4 Winners, 4 Losers Houstonpress
    All week long, I was positive, emphatic even, in taking the two home teams in the AFC and NFC title games. The trend was my friend, and the trend I'm talking about was the stretch of five postseasons in a row where the home team won straight up in both ... more
  • 9 months Weather Week: Short Warm Up Before Cold Returns Houstonpress
    Houston's first freezing weather this year set in over the weekend with temperatures dipping to at or slightly below the freezing mark early Sunday morning, just in time for the Houston Marathon. Fortunately, it was followed by some spectacular sunshine with highs in the low 50s. We will have a ... more
  • 9 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Astro Houstonpress
    Best Astro: Justin Verlander In all of the injury and offensive struggles for a remarkably good 103-win Astros team, there was always a single constant in ace Justin Verlander. He led the American League in strikeouts and quality starts, and was second in innings pitched. He was also tops in ... more
  • 9 months NFL Playoffs, Conference Title Games: This Weekend’s Best Bets Houstonpress
    And then, there were four! Yes, after 256 regular season games and eight more playoff games, we are down to the conference title games in the NFL, and while the lack of upsets last weekend in the divisional round continued to pillage and plunder my prognosticating winning percentage —- seriously, ... more
  • 9 months Diana Davila Elected President of the HISD Board But Not Without a Challenge Houstonpress
    With all their declarations about working together and setting aside their differences, trustees of the Houston ISD didn't seem all that warm and cuddly Thursday night when they voted in their new officers for the year. Diana Davila, who's been on and off the board and back again, was elected ... more
  • 9 months 7 Best Bets This Weekend in Houston: Trees, Titans and a Turkish Music Fest Houstonpress -Movies
    We've got seven reasons why staying home this weekend is a really bad idea. Find sophisticated culture with the Houston Iranian Film Festival and the Turkish Music Festival; court intrigue with Company OnStage's Becket, or the Honour of God; an afternoon block party, courtesy of MATCH; and a historic tour ... more
  • 9 months Disengage, Disable or Delete: Which Choice is Right for Abandoning Social Media? Houstonpress
    There are plenty of good reasons to leave social media in the dust. From the amount of time it can take up to the toxic nature of posts to the privacy concerns, there are many people who have decided to cut the cord from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others in ... more
  • 9 months Reviews For The Easily Distracted: Glass Houstonpress -Movies
    And if the stakes are somewhat less dramatic than saving the world from Steppenwolf or Canned Heat or Jethro Tull or whatever, the consequences are just as dire. Perhaps more so. ... more
  • 9 months Best of Houston® 2019: Best Mechanic Houstonpress
    Best Mechanic — Robert Zaharatos, Dennis Auto Service Center Come for the auto repair and maintenance but stay for deep conversations about philosophy and a hefty collection of coffee table books. You'll experience honest, no-nonsense workmanship from mechanic Robert Zaharatos and his team in the bays out back and, while ... more
  • 9 months Early Super Bowl Odds For Next Season Show Reduced Faith in Houston Texans Houstonpress
    This time a year ago, the Houston Texans were one of the bigger mysteries in the National Football League. Deshaun Watson's season had ended with an ACL tear after six scintillating starts, J.J. Watt's future was very much up in the air, and the dust was just settling on Bill ... more
  • 9 months Rockets Lose House, Gain Euro Player Nunnally and Maybe a Recovered Gordon Houstonpress
    The Rockets revolving carousel of players continues. Already without Chris Paul (hamstring), Eric Gordon (knee) and Clint Capela (thumb), they added another casualty on Tuesday in surprising young forward Danuel House. But, it wasn't an injury that cost them their starter, but stalled contract negotiations. House was playing on a ... more
  • 10 months On the Basis of Sex Shrewdly Makes RBG Into a Feminist Jimmy Stewart Houstonpress -Movies
    Leder’s film mostly devotes itself to the future Supreme Court justice’s first world-shaking sex discrimination case, 1972’s Moritz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue: Ginsburg and her husband ... argued against a discriminatory statute before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ... more
  • 10 months Upcoming Documentary on Houston’s Music Scene to Host Fundraiser Show at White Oak Music Hall Houstonpress -Movies
    In early 2018, Dark Spark Rays band member James Lino had an idea; he wanted to make a documentary film that would highlight Houston’s indie rock scene. After approaching filmmaker Gavin Wegener to discuss how to bring the project to life, they began filming Outside of Austin in Summer 2018 ... more
  • 10 months 10 Movies to Look Forward to in Early 2019 Houstonpress -Movies
    The January, February and March months of 2019 are already boasting a strong slate, with U.S. distribution of international festival favorites along with welcome returns of first-rate genre filmmakers like M. Night Shyamalan and Jordan Peele ... more
  • 10 months Top 10 TV Shows of 2018 Houstonpress -Movies
    It was a terrible year in so many ways, but onscreen, with shows including Sharp Objects, My Brilliant Friend, Better Call Saul, The Americans and Atlanta, it sparkled ... more
  • 10 months Top 10 Films of 2018 Houstonpress -Movies
    The art houses and Drafthouses again pull more than their fair share of the burden of quality, but my No. 2 (and many people’s No. 1) is a straight-up Netflix production, already available to watch on your phone ... more
  • 10 months The Houston Press Picks For Best Movies Of 2018 Houstonpress -Movies
    I'm going to drop a top 10 list on you (in no particular order), and you're going to disagree with some or all of my choices. This will seem like a big deal until you realize all art is subjective and you should just lighten up. ... more
  • 10 months A Toast to 2018, the Year Movies Roared Back Houstonpress -Movies
    The movie experiences I treasure most from this year found me sharing moments and laughs and tears with strangers who, just before and after the house lights dimmed, I might have been arguing with on Twitter ... more
  • 10 months Welcome to Marwen Crashes Into the Limits of Hollywood’s Imagination Houstonpress -Movies
    At times, as it dissolves between scenes of its cast as literal toy dolls machine-gunning Nazis in the made-up Belgian town of Marwen, Zemeckis’ movie seems an inquisition into the limits of the director’s own imagination ... more
  • 10 months Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk Does James Baldwin Proud Houstonpress -Movies
    Baldwin’s central story, dialogue and time-jumping narrative structure are all in place, but so, too, is a sumptuous visual style that serves to deepen the novelist’s themes of racial injustice and the powerful countering force of love ... more
  • 10 months Beyond Roma: Here Are 4 Other New Netflix Films as Good as Anything in Theaters Houstonpress -Movies
    Hollywood now begrudgingly must honor a company committed to upending the business model of theatrical distribution, but it’s hard to gainsay Netflix’s strategy in this instance ... more
  • 10 months Vice Can’t Make Sense of Dick Cheney, but It Can Give You a Headache Houstonpress -Movies
    Don’t look to Vice for psychology or even a sense of presence; McKay uses the Cheneys’ grim unknowability as an excuse not to bother going for either ... more
  • 10 months Ben Is Back Pits a Dazzling Julia Roberts Against the Opioid Scourge Houstonpress -Movies
    With the quickest blink or nervy glance, Roberts communicates to us both what her character, an ordinary woman named Holly Burns, has convinced everyone around her to think she’s feeling but also all of her secret doubts, fury and anguish ... more
  • 10 months Aquaman Proves Superheroes Are Better Down Where It’s Wetter Houstonpress -Movies
    Not incidental to Aquaman’s pleasures is its vision of a mixed-race hero, played by a mixed-race actor, fighting to protect and understand clashing aspects of his heritage ... more
  • 10 months Emily Blunt Rules, and Mary Poppins Returns Is Not at All Atrocious Houstonpress -Movies
    True to the spirit of the chipper, somewhat aimless live-action Disney day killers that inspired it, Rob Marshall’s Mary Poppins Returns gets better the further it wanders from its actual story. ... more
  • 10 months Cities Roll, Fight and Eat Each Other in the Otherwise Meh Mortal Engines Houstonpress -Movies
    The film plays as if a three-hour epic has been sliced down to size in the editing, but only the scenes establishing character and context have been cut ... more
  • 10 months In Mary Queen of Scots, Great Women Face Hard Truths About Wielding Power Houstonpress -Movies
    The actresses share only one scene in the film, but Mary Queen of Scots sets them up in counterpoint, two divergent approaches to the question of how women who wield power can actually govern the men around them ... more
  • 11 months With Mowgli, Netflix Has Its First Blockbuster Houstonpress -Movies
    This time, though, the lessons are urgent, the jungle threatened by man, the wicked tiger Shere Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) a true terror vowing to one day taste that boy’s blood ... more
  • 11 months Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma Is a Masterpiece of Memory Houstonpress -Movies
    The writer-director shot Roma in chronological order, without showing the cast the script, unveiling it to the actors the same way it is for the audience, piece by piece, a chance to marinate in each moment as it plays out ... more
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